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    Defying Odds in a Man’s World - Bobbi Gale Bensman

    Defying Odds in a Man’s World - Bobbi Gale Bensman

    Defying The Odds

    In an industry where only ninety seconds of a two hour climbing films showcased a female athlete, where one in ten sales representatives for outdoor and ski hard goods are female, and where women were a small fraction of rock climbers 35 years ago – Bobbi Gale Bensman has the skill, tenacity and strength to compete in a sport and industry dominated by men.

    After male friends introduced her to the sport of rock climbing in high school, she blossomed into a skilled climber immediately. She started competing in the late 80’s – spending over 15 years traveling to every national competition - World Cup events, X-Games, you name it. In the end she won more national competitions than any other women in the sport. She attributes her success to an intense drive to get to the top of each and every climb, as well as inspiration from the women in the sport that were incredible role models. After a hiatus in endurance mountain bike racing, she is back on the rock, climbing harder than ever and advocating for women with each summit.

    An Inspiration To All Woman

    “To this day rock climbing is an extremely sexist sport. Women are shown in climbing and adventure films as ditsy score keepers or drunk, when the reality is there is a generation of budding climbers that are STRONGER than men. Ashima Shiraishi is a 15 year old who is out-climbing men and setting startling records,” states Bensman.

    Just Go For It!

    Her advice for women entering the sport is to “Just go for it and celebrate your accomplishments. To know the sky is the limit and not let any negative male feedback enter your psyche.” Bensman supports women daily by using social media, as a platform to promote women’s triumphs, including her own, and continue to be a strong spokeswomen for the sport.

    Her next adventure is bringing together female climbers to compete in the 11th annual 24 Hour of the Horseshoe Hell – an endurance rock climbing competition in Jasper, Arkansas where she holds the women’s record. This grueling event pushes climbers like Bensman to the limit, and she has raised thousands of dollars for non-profits like Hera and Jeff Lowe’s film Metanoia.  

    Although you love the Boulder area, where are the Top 4 places you’d rather be?

    • Climbing in my favorite international spots…
    • Southern France and Spain
    • Grampians – Victoria, Australia
    • Southeast Asia –Thailand
    • Oahu Hawaii – The North Shore

    What is your go-to outfit?

    • During trade shows I love my down skirts and some Krimson Klover tights with boots, but I also spend lots of time in yoga-wear for climbing and of course, yoga.

    Morning person or night person?

    • I tend to wake up really early to get in a good climb when the temperatures are cool. I come home before anyone is awake, make breakfast for kids and start my day.

    Best advice ever given to you?

    • Hold fast to the center. Listen to yourself, follow your heart, and don’t let anything get in your way.

    Krimson Klover Gives Back

    Krimson Klover Gives Back

    This winter season, Krimson Klover will donate 5% of the proceeds from its beautiful new Sleigh Ride sweater to First Descents for its work with young active cancer patients. Those who buy one of these gorgeous sweaters, not only get the perfect gift, but also help make the holidays special for someone else.

    "The program that First Descents offers is a life-changing experience for their very deserving participants. What they do is simply amazing," explains Rhonda Swenson, founder and owner of Krimson Klover.

    First Descents offers young adult cancer fighters and survivors a free outdoor adventure experience, empowering them to climb, paddle and surf beyond their diagnosis, defy their cancer, reclaim their lives and connect with others doing the same. Founded in 2001 by pro- kayaker, Brad Ludden, whose life was impacted by his own aunt's battle with cancer in her thirties, First Descents began by offering young cancer patients kayak trips. The trips enabled participants to start "living beyond their disease", giving them hope, self-confidence and meaning while mitigating depression and anxiety. First Descents now offers mountaineering, surfing, rock climbing, and kayak programs in 11 states and 4 countries, and serves over 1000, 18-39 year-olds every year.

    Rhonda Swenson - The Inspiration Behind Krimson Klover

    Rhonda Swenson - The Inspiration Behind Krimson Klover

    Krimson Klover founder Rhonda Swenson knows a thing or two about sweaters. No surprise, considering the nearly 30 years of work she’s put into creating them. A knitter from a very young age, Rhonda has always had a feel for quality yarn and great craftsmanship. In fact, she’s even earned the nickname “Sweater Girl” among the locals in her hometown of Boulder, Colorado — a name that’s cute, but doesn’t do justice to the true nature of this generous, passionate, sophisticated, and accomplished woman.

    Rhonda’s story starts in 1985, when she was working as a flight attendant for American Airlines, a job she took to offset the cost of visiting her Australian boyfriend. In her travels, she met a woman who owned a boutique sweater company. They hit it off, and before long Rhonda was traveling to South America to help oversee the sweater production. “The knitters work was incredible. These women left a piece of their soul in each sweater they created,” she says of the skilled craftswomen she met on the job. Soon she was designing sweaters and within three years, she’d bought the company. The rest is history.

    After nearly three decades in the sweater business and three successful brands later, Rhonda has never looked back. Originally from Austin, Texas, the passionate traveler says she inherited her wanderlust from her mother‚ but it’s her father who taught her to embrace life in the moment. And that’s exactly the spirit she’s trying to create with her designs for Krimson Klover. “Our clothes are easy — they look great and make you feel great,” she says, which leaves more time for hiking, skiing, entertaining, and traveling — or all of the above. “Life isn’t only about work,” Rhonda says. “People need to get out there and live life.”

    Below, we get inspired by Rhonda’s favorite places in the world, her wardrobe staples and her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

    Other than here in Krimson Klover’s home base of Boulder, what are the top five places you’d rather be?

    • Walking through the Serengeti. My brother owns a walking safari company called Mark Thornton Safaris that has exclusive rights to parts of the Serengeti that aren’t open to the public. You can walk for days and days and not see another person.
    • Hiking through the Cypress trees in Beirut’s Chouf Mountains. My other brother married a Lebanese woman so we flew there for the wedding, and no place has surpassed it for me. It was one of the most beautiful places I’d ever visited.
    • Essaouira in Morocco. It’s like stepping back into the 1950s: a hip, rad California-style beach.
    • Skiing in the Alps. My favorite thing to do is ski from hut to hut in the Bernese Oberland -- it’s so incredible.
    • I’m on Habitat for Humanity’s Eagle Country International board and lead a build every year. We’ve been to Cambodia, Nepal, and Malawi. This year we’re going to El Salvador and I just can’t wait!

    What’s your go-to outfit?

    • I love my Krimson Klover Raven dress. It’s an Andean textile dress that hits just above the knee and looks super cute with my Lucchese cowboy boots. It’s easy, it’s not fussy, it fits really well, and it makes me feel really good.

    Walk us through your typical morning.

    • I wake up at 6am and work with my factories for a couple of hours since they’re in Asia. For breakfast, I eat a couple of eggs or a make a green smoothie. I’m a big coffee drinker but can only tolerate one cup per day! Then I take my Australian Shepherd, River, for a walk. If i’m up in Vail, then get to do all of this while looking at Vail mountain, but in Boulder I live downtown, so I walk to work, which I love.

    What’s your best advice for aspiring business owners?

    • It takes a certain personality type to start a business. I’m a crazy risk taker. You know, jump in with both feet, figure it out later. So if you’re starting your own business? Just GO for it. It’s easy to have an idea, but you won’t know if you can make something out of it unless you do something about it. I’m of the mindset that  failure is just not an option, so just keep going. You can always figure out a way around an obstacle.

    Tricia Swenson – Vail TV Personality has an Eye for Style

    Tricia Swenson – Vail TV Personality has an Eye for Style

    From Small Town to Movie Star

    How did a small-town gal from North Dakota become a TV celebrity who’s interviewed every athlete, movie star and entertainer that visits Vail, Colorado? For Tricia Swenson is was as simply following her passion for skiing to Colorado and working her tail off in the television industry until she reached the top! A big personality and an eye for style sure didn’t hurt in a cut-throat business where she has done everything from national stories that aired on CNN Headline News and a couple year stint with what is now Outside Television. But her tenure with TV8, owned by Vail Resorts, is what has put her on the map. She is currently the executive producer and main host which keeps her immersed in the community of the Vail Valley that she knows and loves. Whether it is hosting galas and benefits for nonprofits that are marking the world a better place or telling the story of influential characters like the 10th Mountain Division troops that served in World War II, she does it with poise and grace.

    Habitat For Humanity

    Tricia has known Krimson Klover owner/founder, Rhonda Swenson, for about 10 years. Although they share the same last name, and many passions, they are not related. Watch this video of Tricia caught up with Rhonda at Outdoor Retailer show a couple years back.

    She has also joined Rhonda in her support for Habitat for Humanity. They have traveled internationally for multiple builds and participated in numerous local projects. Tricia was one of Krimson Klover’s first devotees.  

    Although you love the Vail Valley, where are the Top 5 places you’d rather be?

    • Norway – Revisiting the culture of my Norwegian roots
    • French Alps/Dolomites – High-alpine cycling at its finest
    • Alaska – Skiing the powder
    • Hawaii – Sunshine and surf
    • Minnesota Lake Country – Family fun at our lake cabin

    What is your go-to outfit?

    • Summer – A maxi dress and wedges. Oh-so comfortable and can go from day to night easily.
    • Winter – A sweater dress with tights and boots/booties. Honestly my Krimson Klover cable knit dress is one of my favorite go-tos for winter. It is a great complete looks with a scarf or some jewelry. I get ready at 530 am and I might not get home until 10 pm. I need something that is uber comfortable, works in our alpine environment (not too dressy but super put together) and can transition to any and all occasions. You never know what a day will bring!

    Morning person or night person?

    • Morning person because I have to be. I get up about 4:45 am, snooze once, get ready and put on an outfit I planned the night before, eat a nice hearty breakfast, and out the door. Morning meeting at 6 am and filming the 3+ hour morning show at 7.  

    Best advice ever given to you?

    • “Do your best each day, and your “best” will change, sometimes you can’t give 100%, but as long as you strive to do your “best” that day, you’ve done what you can.”  This quote resonates with me because I have to be upbeat every day at my job, which I enjoy doing, but there are days when we have a cold, or may be tired, or have a lot going on, but just DO IT, just be happy, be the best “you” you can be, it beats the alternative!