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    Our Mission

    At Krimson Klover, everything we do is inspired by a life well lived. We encourage women to find their voice, live courageously and do the unexpected. We believe giving back makes the world a better place and that travel expands our view of the world. We believe in quality, sustainability and supporting women-run businesses throughout our manufacturing and sales process.

    To our customers, this means you’re buying from a brand that embodies the ethos of creating thoughtfully, living boldly and feeding the soul personally and professionally. Everything we make is born from the passion and vision of company founder Rhonda Swenson. A creative visionary, philanthropist and world traveler, Rhonda lives the values of the brand and fosters a company culture empowering her team to do the same.

    Live Boldly.

    Krimson Klover’s tagline, Live Boldly, encourages women to color outside the lines, express their individuality, go on big adventures and make courageous choices.

    Quality Matters.

    We utilize luxurious natural yarns and fabrics from sources across the globe that respect animals, employees and the environment.

    Let your clothes be as unique as you.

    We develop custom prints and patterns and commission unique illustrations to create gorgeous statement pieces.

    Women rock.

    We are owned, produced and operated by women supporting women. From our headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, to our female-owned factories overseas, we encourage women to find their voice and be their very best.

    Our Core Values:

    • Always give back.
    • Find balance.
    • Feed your soul.
    • Be courageous.
    • Build relationships.
    • Never sacrifice quality over quantity.