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      Our Mission

      We bring performance, comfort, and style to your everyday adventures by creating apparel with playful, mountain-inspired designs using sustainable, long-lasting fibers and responsible manufacturing with a commitment to elevating women.


      Our Ethos

      Live boldly. 

      We incorporate energetic prints, textures, colors, and graphics in our products—and we bring that same intention to how we live our lives. 

      We look at each day as a new adventure—an opportunity to learn, grow, and connect. We celebrate our individuality, yet we come together to give back to our communities. When we see something in our world that needs attention, we roll up our sleeves and dive in.  And we never underestimate the power of quality R&R. Taking care of ourselves helps us take care of each other.

      Sound like your cup of kombucha? Join us!

      Get inspired for your next adventure with our collection of stories.


      Our Values

      We’re guided by 5 core principles: 

      Powered By Women

      We create fashionable, long-lasting, ethically-sourced apparel to help you look and feel your best—so you can confidently focus on the trail, wave, ski run, or yoga pose without worrying if what you’re wearing is going to get the job done. Our products allow you to be perfectly present. To soak in the moment a little longer.

      As an all-women team, we’re uniquely qualified to address the specific needs of our fellow sisters. If we wouldn’t wear it ourselves, we wouldn’t sell it to you! It’s as simple as that. We’re a community of strong women supporting strong women. That shines through in our leadership, our team, our artists, our knitters, our sewers, our farmers, and the nonprofits and initiatives we support.

      We love who we work with (sometimes we have to pinch ourselves), we love supporting this community, and we love helping you stay out a little longer, explore a little deeper, and feel absolutely fabulous along the way.

      We firmly believe that when women thrive, we all thrive. 


      Living a Life Inspired by Our Mountains

      Our home and heart is Boulder, CO. We launched Krimson Klover at the base of the iconic Flatirons—the doorstep of the Rocky Mountains. Our community is famous for its outdoor playground: peaks, rivers, lakes, forests. We live and breathe these spaces.

      The mountains teach us resilience, adaptability, and patience. They inspire curiosity, exploration, and wonder. We plant their wisdom into our brand DNA.

      Clothing is a canvas for creativity and self-expression. Just as no two mountains are alike, we create unique designs that stand out. We pride ourselves on designing products that last. In this rugged and ever-changing environment, dependability is a must. We fiercely protect our natural world and our finite resources. And we understand that when we lift each other up, we all come out stronger.

      In a nutshell: mountains remind us that we’re all connected.  


      Slow Fashion

      Tough Fact: About 14 million tons of clothing gets thrown out each year in the U.S. alone. Yikes! All that clothing takes more than 200 years to decompose. Major yikes!

      We’re in the business of outfitting you for life, but we’re no fans of overconsumption. We focus on creating ethically-sourced, multi-sport apparel that looks fantastic and performs season after season. We love that our favorite pair of paddling shorts doubles as our favorite pair of poolside shorts. Versatile and cute? Yes, please. 

      We use durable materials that withstand the wear and tear of an active lifestyle. Buy less, wear it longer. When you shop quality you shop sustainably. Win-win.

      We choose premium, long-lasting yarn sourced from reputable suppliers and manufacturing partners. We work with third-party certification partners like The Good Cashmere Standard and The Responsible Wool Standard to ensure the welfare and working conditions of people and animals meet our high standards with minimal impact to our environment.

      We believe all good things take time. We don’t rush through our hikes, our bike rides, or our travels. Why would we rush through our products?


      Low Impact

      Being picky can be a wonderful quality—especially when it comes to WHAT is in your clothing.

      We opt for super soft and luxurious fabrics like cashmere, Merino wool, alpaca, silk, and Lenzing EcoVero Viscose. Not only do these materials feel, look, and perform beautifully— they’re natural, renewable, last longer, and are better for our planet.

      We use recycled fibers created from plastic bottles that have been turned into insulation, yarn, and fabric. We love the transformation from “waste” to “wearable.”

      We don’t overproduce. Not then, not now, not ever. We build each season’s collection to order so we don’t have unsold, excess inventory at the end of the season. This is one of the most significant ways to avoid perfectly wearable clothes in the dumpster.

      This is a journey—and we know we’ve got some miles to go. As a brand that gets you outside, it’s vital for us to seek business practices with minimal impact on our land, air, and water.

      We’re always looking for the best solutions and always improving how our products are made. For us, it’s not just the right direction to go, it’s the only direction to go.


      Small Actions, Big Purpose 

      We dedicate a portion of our profits to organizations and projects that empower women and girls of all backgrounds. Initiatives include improving healthcare, providing access to the outdoors, caring for our public lands, and bridging the gap between talent and opportunity for underrepresented communities.

      We use our platform, our business, and our dollars to advocate for a better, healthier, more equitable world—for women today, and for women tomorrow.

      Learn more about our social impact and the causes we support.