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    Live Boldly Blog — Slow Fashion

    Sweater Fiber 101

    Sweater Fiber 101

    There are so many different fibers these days, it’s hard to keep them straight.  Here is a quick checklist of some of our favorite fibers.

    Constellation Ski Sweater, made with 100% Extra Fine Merino Wool
    Our Pearl dress is made in a viscose blend
    Our Maggie wrap sweater is made in a Alpaca / Merino blend

    Fibers From Animals:

    Merino Merino Wool – Prized for their wool, Merino Sheep deliver a soft, fine fiber that is naturally antibacterial, repels water and stays warm and toasty even when wet.

    Cashmere – Cashmere fibers come from the downy winter undercoat of Cashmere Goats.  Cashmere wool is finer, stronger and lighter and three times more insulating than sheep’s wool.  Often garnishing a premium price even over Ultrafine Merino Wool.


    Mohair – A fine and delicate fiber from the Angora goat.  Angora is notable for its high luster and sheen, mohair is warm in winter yet moisture-wicking and cool in the summer.  Mohair is naturally elastic, flame and crease-resistant.  Mohair is often blended with other fibers (like nylon) to increase its durability.

    Angora – Not to be mistaken for Mohair, which comes from the Angora Goat (see above).  Angora refers to the downy coat of the Angora Rabbit.  Angora Rabbit fur fibers are much warmer and lighter than wool due to the hollow core of the angora fiber.  There are several animal cruelty concerns in the “plucking” of fur from Angora rabbits.  “Plucking” might sound bad, but plucking in this sense refers to the brushing out of the rabbit’s undercoat so you get fewer outer fibers (sort of like using an undercoat brush on your dog).

    Alpaca – Alpaca is a cute animal (well, we think so) resembling a Llama.  Alpaca fibers are similar to sheep’s wool but actually hypoallergenic because it lacks lanolin.  Alpaca fibers are naturally water-repellent and warmer than sheep’s wool.


    Silk – The silk worm isn’t so much an animal as insect, but we’ve put it into this category.  A silkworm creates a cocoon from one continuous thread of protein. The silk is harvested from the cocoons.  The cocoons are boiled or steamed to kill the pupa and loosen the seracin that holds the cocoon together.  Individual silk threads are unraveled from the cocoon and spun into a thread.  Each cocoon can contain a continuous thread between 300 and 900 meters in length.

    From Plants:

    There are many different plants and plant products made into apparel fibers these days.

    Flax stems during harvest
    Flax stems during harvest
    Soy BeansSoy Beans

    Cotton – The most widely produced natural fiber on the planet.  The cotton seed head contains the fiber that is spun into yarn.

    Linen – made from the stems of flax plants.  Linen is one of the few fabrics that is stronger wet than dry.

    Lyocell and Modal – fibers are manufactured from wood pulp.  Chemicals are used in the production of these fibers, but the process is free from harmful solvents, and the processes are closed loop (meaning that the chemicals are captured and reused over and over again). Tencel® is a certified form of Lyocell that is guaranteed to be made from sustainable wood pulp.  Bamboo Lyocell is sustainable because bamboo is a fast-growing sustainable crop.  Our Fall 2018 Lightweight Base Layer collection features Tencel®.

    Soy – An eco friendly fabric manufactured from food production waste (tofu manufacturing), made from the hulls of soy beans.  Soy is soft, easy to care for and absorbs dyes quickly.

    Viscose,  Hemp, Jute, Bamboo, Sisal, and several others – are all different wood pulps and plants used to make apparel fibers.

    #WCW Colleen Cannon

    #WCW Colleen Cannon
    Our (#WCW) Woman Crush Wednesday this week is Colleen Cannon.  Colleen Cannon founded Women’s Quest after a highly successful career as a professional triathlete. 

    Read more

    The Story of Our Clothes: Adopting a Sustainable Approach Toward Fashion

    The Story of Our Clothes: Adopting a Sustainable Approach Toward Fashion

    Typically when we shop for new items to add to our wardrobe, we look at the value of the garments in two ways. First, how much does the piece cost and and second, what does it say about my personal style?

    These days fashion is fast and fleeting and we are forever trying to keep up with the seasons and the trends all while trying to stay stylish yet practical. However, there are trade-offs when garments come cheap that have serious and lasting effects not only on your pocketbook but on this very place that we call home: Earth.

    Ok Earthling, you do your best to avoid garments that are manufactured in factories that ignore the welfare of their workers. You donate your gently used pieces to the needy. You may even shop local and buy American made when possible. But when curating your wardrobe is it possible to stay fashion forward AND eco-conscious? We think so!

    Here at Krimson Klover we hope to stay true to our values both in our design concepts and our commitment to positive change in the world.

    Sustainability begins with our designs and our designs are closely tied to the fibers they are constructed with. We have a deep rooted and ongoing love affair with the sweater that has grown into a knitwear brand that worships the miracle fiber that is wool. Merino is our medium and let me count the ways for which we fell in love.

    For starters, wool is a natural, sustainable, rapidly renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable resource. Our sweaters start on the farm so we must consider the source when looking at where our fibers come from and what it takes to get them from ewe to you. The supply chain begins with only the highest standards for animal husbandry. Happy sheep make the best sweaters after all.

    Merino wool is an especially good choice for performance apparel due to its ability to warm in cold weather and cool in the heat. It's a durable fabric with built in climate control and it's naturally stain resistant.

    And this brings us to fashion's dirty little secret. Your carbon footprint often increases when you get a garment home. Laundering and washing your clothes consumes the largest amount of resources and has the biggest impact on our environment than any other step in the manufacturing process. Simply put, washing is the worst!

    Wool is already an eco-friendly fiber that requires far less processing than other textiles and this remains true for it's home care as well. There is a significant reduction in energy use when you consider that our garments will stand up to multiple wears before needing to be cleaned. In fact, washing is frowned upon in the traditional sense and with the exception of the occasional hand wash or spot treatment when necessary, Krimson Klover's pieces are low maintenance and therefore last longer.

    We are passionate about our designs and we hope to see this shift continue toward slow fashion. Our responsibility to preserve this planet for future generations of adventurous women is what influences our decision making from the initial sketch to the final sale and everything in between.

    Krimson Klover Spring Fashion Memo

    Krimson Klover Spring Fashion Memo

    Krimson Klover Spring Fashion

    This season showcases the SILHOUETTE. Shift dresses, high-waisted skirts, sheer basics and EXQUISITE necklines are PLAYFUL but POLISHED. Sheer tops hint at ROMANCE with featherweight fabrics and VIBRANT colors. BOLD prints, transitional basics and FEMININE finishes strike a balance between SOFTNESS and STRENGTH. Longing for bare shoulders and EFFORTLESS style, open stitch linens are made to MOVE. It’s not a subtle hue but a POP! of color. It’s a spring packed with COMPLIMENTARY pieces for those balmy but chilly nights. Here’s to a spring that’s a little less delicate with an emphasis on ENERGY and ADVENTURE. Spring is an invitation – say YES.


    Krimson Klover Trade Show Wrap Up

    Krimson Klover Trade Show Wrap Up

    Krimson Klover recently wrapped up another trade show season and we're pleased to report that our three major shows, Outdoor Retailer, SIA Snow Show and Stitch were all a huge success.

    Our Fall 2015 line made its debut at the Outdoor Retailer trade show in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    Latest Krimson Klover Collection

    Trade shows are not only a great opportunity to show off the latest Krimson Klover collection, but it's also a nice way to meet our dealers, reps and colleagues across different industries and markets. As a first time trade show attendee, I welcomed the chance to put faces with names and get acquainted with the people that truly make Krimson Klover a success.

    Retailers Stopping By Booth

    These trade shows allow retailers to stop by the Krimson Klover booth and preview the line in order to decide what pieces will appeal to their customer. It's always exciting for us to see the reactions of the dealers and determine which pieces we nailed for the upcoming season. The response to this year's Fall line was overwhelmingly positive and we are thrilled that our collection can get people excited for yet another long winter.

    The "Conquering the Elements" fashion show at Outdoor Retailer was a fun kick off to the show and the Krimson Klover pieces looked great coming down the runway.

    Sleigh Ride

    (Older post contained links to the 2015 OR Fashion Show and Look Book)Check out this video of the fashion show and don't miss the Krimson Klover Sleigh Ride Sweater at 52 seconds in! And follow this link to view the OR Fashion Show Look Book.

    Specializing in Luxury Fibers

    Krimson Klover specializes in luxury fibers and beautiful patterns so it's not enough to simply see the garments in a catalog or on the mannequin. We invite people to get up close, feel how soft the wool is and mix and match the pieces to create a color story that their customer will love.

    Merino wool, pima cotton/silk and cashmere make this new collection stand out and our new performance wool ensures that the pieces stand up to your active lifestyle.

    Look! It's Krimson Klover on the cover of the SIA Snow Show Daily (bottom right).

    There is no doubt that we impressed the folks in the outdoor and snow sport industries with our vintage inspired ski sweaters, hand-painted base layers and our new performance wool blends, but we wondered how some of our sportier styles would resonate at Stitch which boasts a more contemporary style.

    In the end, it turns out that Krimson Klover is a brand that appeals to many women. The Krimson Klover woman loves her ski boots as much as her designer handbag and is at the same time an adventurer and a trendsetter. We are confident that this collection is perfect for powder days, date nights and everything in between.

    Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello and check out the Fall '15 collection. A BIG thanks to everyone who helped us out both at the show and behind the scenes. Look for Krimson Klover Fall '15 to hit the stores and the website in August. In the meantime, let's think Spring! Go to to check out our new website and the Spring 2015 collection.