Sunshirts / Performance Tops

Playing outside in the sunshine feels good but sunburns feel bad. Protect yourself from the sun, while keeping dry and comfortable in our signature multi-activity tops sporting colorful graphics. Krimson Klover sunshirts have UPF protection and are designed to enhance your experience hiking, biking, or any activity you want a lightweight, breathable, quick-dry shirt with UV protection.
Hallie Hoodie Sunshirt

$ 89.00

  • Landscape Indigo
  • Stripe
  • Take It Outside
  • Multi Stripe Black
Tori Short Sleeve Sunshirt

$ 69.00

  • Mountain Scape
  • Multi Stripe
  • Wave Black
  • Sunwave Indigo
Sara Long Sleeve Sunshirt

$ 79.00

  • Explore Dazzling
  • Multi Stripe White
  • Wave Stripe
  • Mountain Green
  • +3
Mandy Tunic Sunshirt

$ 99.00

  • Stripe
  • Multi Stripe White
  • Black Stripe
  • Navy Clover Stripe