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      Meet the Visionary Behind the Brand

      Krimson Klover is inspired by the tenacity and mettle of Founder and creative director, Rhonda Swenson. A force to be reckoned with, she is a strong, fearless woman who emboldens/encourages other women to live fully.

      Born into a dynamic Texas ranching family, Rhonda learned at a young age to take risks and fight for what she wanted. Her feisty and artistic mother told Rhonda she could accomplish anything she set her mind to — and she did.

      Rhonda became a flight attendant to feed an endless lust for adventure. In her travels, she met a fellow jet setter who owned a boutique sweater company. They hit it off, and before long, Rhonda was traveling to South America to help oversee the sweater production. Months later, she was designing sweaters and shortly thereafter purchased the company.

      Rhonda has thrived in entrepreneurship. Four companies and 30 years later, Rhonda brings her savvy business skills, bold convictions and creative vision to heading up Krimson Klover — a growing company focused on empowering women and giving back. Her sustainable Slow Fashion styles appeal to versatile women just like her — active and athletic, adventurous and travel obsessed, sophisticated and urbane — or all three.

      Get inspired by Rhonda’s goals, fashion, and favorite places:

      Biggest Goal:

      “Being able to ski ’til I’m 90!”

      Go-To Outfit:

      “Cashmere poncho with just about anything.”

      Best Advice:

      “Go for it. You’ll never know unless you try, and what have you got to lose?”

      Favorite Place on Earth:

      “Africa, for sure. The mountains of Colorado are a super-close second.”