Women Powered

Hi there—welcome to Krimson Klover!

We’re an outdoor brand powered by women passionate about living a life fueled by outdoor adventure, meaningful connection, and giving back.

Whether you’re new or have been with us since we launched our very first line of active lifestyle sweaters back in 2009—we’re over the moon that you’re here. 

When I started Krimson Klover 14 years ago, I set out to rewrite the narrative of how women are seen in the outdoors, in business, and in our world at large. I wanted to build a brand that focused on empowering women across our communities.  

Born into a dynamic Texas ranching family, I learned at a young age to take risks and fight for what I believed in. I give my mom the credit. She passed down her feisty, artistic, and big-hearted traits—and inspired me to accomplish anything I set my mind to.

We’re here to inspire you to do the same.

At Krimson Klover, we blend quality performance and convenient style with long-lasting materials and ethical sourcing to create a low impact product you’ll love for years to come. We partner with third-party certified manufacturers who avoid harmful methods to workers, the environment, and animals. We plan to incorporate more preferred materials like recycled polyester and responsibly-sourced natural fibers with each season. 

We are always looking for the best solutions to improve how our products are made. For us, it’s not just the right direction to go, it’s the only direction to go.

Some call it Slow Fashion. We call it Krimson Klover.

We invite women from all walks of life to join us. It doesn’t matter if you’re connecting turns on the bunny hill or charging down the steeps. “Outdoorsy” = you + outside (and we have to admit, après is our favorite part). However you get out there, we’re here to support you.

Together, we’re building a movement to empower women of all backgrounds to Live Boldly. Thanks for being a key part of it.

With gratitude,

Rhonda Swenson
Founder & Creative Director