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    The Story of Our Clothes: Adopting a Sustainable Approach Toward Fashion

    The Story of Our Clothes: Adopting a Sustainable Approach Toward Fashion

    Typically when we shop for new items to add to our wardrobe, we look at the value of the garments in two ways. First, how much does the piece cost and and second, what does it say about my personal style?

    These days fashion is fast and fleeting and we are forever trying to keep up with the seasons and the trends all while trying to stay stylish yet practical. However, there are trade-offs when garments come cheap that have serious and lasting effects not only on your pocketbook but on this very place that we call home: Earth.

    Ok Earthling, you do your best to avoid garments that are manufactured in factories that ignore the welfare of their workers. You donate your gently used pieces to the needy. You may even shop local and buy American made when possible. But when curating your wardrobe is it possible to stay fashion forward AND eco-conscious? We think so!

    Here at Krimson Klover we hope to stay true to our values both in our design concepts and our commitment to positive change in the world.

    Sustainability begins with our designs and our designs are closely tied to the fibers they are constructed with. We have a deep rooted and ongoing love affair with the sweater that has grown into a knitwear brand that worships the miracle fiber that is wool. Merino is our medium and let me count the ways for which we fell in love.

    For starters, wool is a natural, sustainable, rapidly renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable resource. Our sweaters start on the farm so we must consider the source when looking at where our fibers come from and what it takes to get them from ewe to you. The supply chain begins with only the highest standards for animal husbandry. Happy sheep make the best sweaters after all.

    Merino wool is an especially good choice for performance apparel due to its ability to warm in cold weather and cool in the heat. It's a durable fabric with built in climate control and it's naturally stain resistant.

    And this brings us to fashion's dirty little secret. Your carbon footprint often increases when you get a garment home. Laundering and washing your clothes consumes the largest amount of resources and has the biggest impact on our environment than any other step in the manufacturing process. Simply put, washing is the worst!

    Wool is already an eco-friendly fiber that requires far less processing than other textiles and this remains true for it's home care as well. There is a significant reduction in energy use when you consider that our garments will stand up to multiple wears before needing to be cleaned. In fact, washing is frowned upon in the traditional sense and with the exception of the occasional hand wash or spot treatment when necessary, Krimson Klover's pieces are low maintenance and therefore last longer.

    We are passionate about our designs and we hope to see this shift continue toward slow fashion. Our responsibility to preserve this planet for future generations of adventurous women is what influences our decision making from the initial sketch to the final sale and everything in between.

    Krimson Klover on Pinterest

    Krimson Klover on Pinterest

    Spring is finally here!!! Although there may still be snow on the ground wherever you are, that won't stop you from daydreaming of warm breezes, bare legs, flirty dresses and just the right outfit for those balmy nights.

    Here at Krimson Klover, we use Pinterest to find inspiration and discover new styles from all over the web. Pinterest is probably not a new discovery for you, but let me introduce you to the Krimson Klover Pinterst Page. We're pinning original content from fashion to travel, and music to lifestyle and a whole lot of beautiful distraction in between.

    Visit Krimson Klover's profile on Pinterest.

    Please click on the board above to follow Krimson Klover on Pinterest! We invite you to curl up in a cozy spot and while you wait for the white stuff to melt away, get lost in the daydream that is your own Pinterest adventure. Gone are the winter days where we plan our revival, spring is here at last - let's put those plans into action!

    Director's Cup 2015: KK and the US Ski Team

    Director's Cup 2015: KK and the US Ski Team

    The Director's Invitational Ski Classic (DISC), for those of you who don't know, is a fun three-day invitational ski race that raises money for charity. This year's benefactor - the US Ski & Snowboard Team Foundation (USSA).

    There was a ton of fun to be had at this year's event as the ladies of the US Ski Team (above), showed of their skills both on the slopes and on the dance floor! The Krimson Klover team is passionate about knitwear, but we're also eager to give back and support the people and organizations that promote the sport we love - skiing!

    Teams of 8 to 10 skiers, including novice to experts as well as legends and Pros (ex-World Cup and Olympians) compete head-to-head against others of the same skill level in a dual GS format race. The team with the most points is awarded the top spot.

    But before race day, the teams had to be determined. The Pros, which consisted of some serious female athletes, had to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Let the games begin!

    In no particular order, Amanda McDonald, Jess Kelley, Laura Littman, Andra Nedelcu, Julia Littman, Anastasia Skryabina, Libby Ludlow, Keeley Kelleher, and Megan McJames take their places on the auction block.

    All of these lovely ladies are clad in Krimson Klover's Fall '15 Slope Style Collection. Krimson Klover donated $2500 worth of prizes for the race winners and each attendee received sweet deals on future Krimson Klover purchases.

    There's no better way to showcase this collection of vintage inspired knitwear than to let the professionals strut their stuff. They wore it well! Just check out these beautiful hand-painted base layers.

    Jess Kelley is wearing the beautiful Apres-Ski Sleigh Ride Sweater in the finest merino wool.

    Jilyne Higgins in the Krimson Klover Heart Breaker hand-painted base layer.

    Nice hustle! Oh, and nice sweater!

    Even the guys got in on the fashion show...we're guessing that's his best ski-bunny face.

    We agree Jilyne, Krimson Klover will stick to women's wear for now.

    Sorry buddy, let's leave the modeling to the ladies!

    And to celebrate the beginning of some good, clean, downhill fun....Shotski!

    It was a full weekend of loud dance parties, silent auctions, good friends and great athletes. We are proud to be a sponsor of these amazing women and the Director's Cup 2015. A big thanks to Deb Doyle from Aspen Eventworks for making this event happen and a hats off to Pat Smith at On Target PR for connecting Krimson Klover with this wonderful group of ski enthusiasts.

    Krimson Klover, Learn to Ski and Snowboard and the Bring a Friend Challenge.

    Krimson Klover, Learn to Ski and Snowboard and the Bring a Friend Challenge.

    Do you remember who introduced you to your favorite hobby or sport? Perhaps sports were a part of your active lifestyle from the time you were a small child (thanks Mom and Dad!). Maybe it was a good friend who turned you onto skiing or snowboarding, or perhaps you discovered your love for the slopes all on your own. Whoever gets the credit for your snow sport debut, we hope that you pay it forward by introducing someone you know and love to this rewarding life sport. After all "Humans were never meant to hibernate."

    That's the big idea behind the Bring a Friend Challenge put on by the Learn to Ski and Snowboard Initiative. Each year during the month of January, this awesome organization teams up with the ski and snowboard industry to encourage children and adults to sign up for their first ski or snowboard lesson. According to Mary Jo Tarallo, Executive Director of Learn to Ski and Snowboard, 94% of people who take up skiing or snowboarding do so through a friend or family member.

    This year was a first for the #firstdayfaces campaign and the Bring a Friend Challenge where newcomers to the sport could post pics of their first lessons and enter to win prizes. This is where Krimson Klover comes in! We donated a $500 prize to the campaign and we wanted to give a big shout out to the winner and her family.

    We'd like to you to meet Tony and Stacie Cerretti and their two adventurous little girls, Mia (5) and Franki (3).

    According to Stacie, "Tony is the big skier in the family" and the one that encouraged his girls (Stacie included) to take their first lesson. Way to go Tony! Stacie was ready with the ol' smartphone and captured Mia and Franki and their big grins as they showed off their best "french fry" and "pizza". Nice work girls!

    “We wanted ‘First Day Faces’ to show the breadth of people who start skiing or snowboarding and our entries came from all over the country,” said Mary Jo Tarallo, director for the Learn to Ski and Snowboard (Month)/Bring a Friend initiative.

    A big thanks to the Cerrettis for making skiing a family affair and a huge thanks to Mary Jo and the Learn to Ski and Snowboard/Bring a Friend Initiative for encouraging the future of snow sports.

    Look out Lindsay Vonn, here come the Cerretti sisters! Here's to many more family ski vacations in the years to come. Oh, and look for Stacie sporting her new Krimson Klover wardrobe.

    Instagram Giveaway : Heartbreaker Handpaint Tunic

    Instagram Giveaway : Heartbreaker Handpaint Tunic

    Instagram Giveaway

    The Krimson Klover Spring '15 Collection is just waiting to be worn! We know you're excited for warmer weather and we have just the thing to kick off your spring wardrobe. Check out Krimson Klover's Instagram feed and enter to win the Heartbreaker Hand Painted Tunic in one of three beautiful colors. 

    We're picking TWO winners from our Instagram Giveaway and it's easy to enter. Just click on the hashtag below to find Krimson Klover on Instagram.

    First Step 1: Follow Krimson Klover on Instagram @krimsonklover

    Then Step 2: Double tap the photo to like

    Lastly Step 3: Take a screen shot

    Finally Step 4: Repost on your Instagram account with the hashtag #KKSpringGiveaway

    The lucky winners will be announced on Friday, March 13th! Check out the entire Krimson Klover Spring Collection.