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      Live Boldly Blog

      Featured Fashions: Cheveron Summer Dress

      Featured Fashions: Cheveron Summer Dress

      Featured Fashions: Cheveron Summer Dress  

      Easy Rider Chevron Knit Summer Dress 

      This lightweight zig-zag knit dress is the perfect transition piece from spring into summer. Fully lined, this dress drapes beautifully without clinging. Three-quarter length sleeves and a scalloped hem add the final feminine touches to this textured summer dress.

      36″ Length | Cotton/ Viscose Blend White/Black/Poppy

      Featured Fashions: Textured Knit Tank

      Featured Fashions: Textured Knit Tank

      Featured Fashions: Textured Knit Tank

      Gypsie Caravan Textured Knit Tank $104 Bare those shoulders and stay cool as the temperatures climb. This diamond textured knit tank top is made with a linen/viscose yarn which is easy/breezy in the summer months and comes in white, coral and indigo. Layer with a simple camisole for your go-to summer tank top.
      28" Length | Linen/Viscose Blend

      Featured Fashions: Mod Summer Dress

      Featured Fashions: Mod Summer Dress

      Featured Fashions: Mod Summer Dress

       Southern Belle Summer Dress in Mod Print

      This week we're featuring the marvelously mod Southern Belle Summer Dress. This fun, flirty frock with its large geo-print is perfect for a warm spring day or a balmy summer night. A bold pattern with a throw back A-line silhouette is sure to make a splash with pops of color in poppy, aqua and lime.

      36" Length | Fully Lined | Hidden Zipper | Cotton/Spandex 

      Mother's Day Gift Guide

      Mother's Day Gift Guide

      Give your mom the gift of style this Mother's Day with a Krimson Klover Gift Card available in $25, $50, $100 and $200 values. Upon purchase, an email will immediately be sent to her inbox with a thoughtful, personalized note from you letting her know that she's beautiful inside and out!

      Mother's Day is May 10th! Brunch and flowers again?! We've got a bouquet of better ideas.

      We know you didn't mean to wait so long but it's okay, you can still find the perfect present for mom without breaking a sweat or breaking the bank. Just follow the links below to find a suitable gift and have it delivered straight to her inbox. Simple. Convenient. Thoughtful. Done. After all, mama didn't raise no fool!

      1. Legacy Box is the answer to all of those VHS tapes, photo albums and film reels that are collecting dust in the attic when they should be your mom's next #tbt posts for years to come. She'll love sharing all those precious memories. You've been warned!

      2. Spotify is just one of the many music streaming options available to entertain us these days. Give mom the upgrade that she would never buy for herself and silence those pesky ads. If she's not into streaming music maybe there's a concert coming to town that would be more her jam. Purchase a set of tickets and make it a date. Experiences are always the best gifts.

      3. Club W is a great way to give the gift of great wine. Gone are the days of white zinfandel from a box. It's time to say "yes way!" to rosé. 

      4. Out of Print Clothing is perfect for the bibliophile. They've got your mom's favorite books in wearable fashions from T-shirts to tote bags. Or you could give her beautiful hard cover copies of the classics. Make it an annual gift and start building her a library that is as sophisticated as she is.

      5. 101 Cookbooks is a blog written by Heidi Swanson who chronicles her cookbook obsession collection and turns out some great recipes. If mom loves to cook, Heidi could very well be her new culinary cohort. Introduce Mom to Heidi's blog and consider one of Heidi's books or an item from her favorites list as frosting on the cupcake.

      6. Paperless Post is a great way to spread cheer without the need for stamps. Just go to the Paperless Post website, pick out an online design, customize it for that special someone and email it directly to them instantly. This is way better than scouring the sad, picked-over drugstore card selection.

      7. Artifact Uprising allows you to convert your digital images into awesome photo displays, calendars and albums. All moms love to show off their kids, grand kids, pets and travels. Printing pictures is now back in style and it's a whole lot classier than the 1-hour photo drop. Create a calendar or photo book featuring mom's favorite people. She will probably cry so have the tissues handy.

      8. Grow Journey is a subscription box for moms with a green thumb. Purchase a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription and inch by inch, row by row and month by month mom will grow her garden and her seed collection with certified organic heirloom seed varieties. It's the perfect time of year to spoil the gardener. If she's not a vegetable gardener, consider a gift card to her local garden center where she can find her favorite flowers for spring planting.

      9. The Arts in all it's forms is not only a great way to spend the day, but Arts and Culture are always a great cause to support. Make mom a patron of the arts by purchasing a membership or making a donation in her name. Maybe it's a local museum, theater or symphony. Whatever mom's interests, get her involved on a regular basis by getting her an all access pass.

      We hope you get to shower your mom with hugs and kisses this Mother's Day and if you're a proud momma yourself, have a wonderful day filled with love and laughter.

      Happy Mother's Day from the Krimson Klover Team!

      The Story of Our Clothes: Adopting a Sustainable Approach Toward Fashion

      The Story of Our Clothes: Adopting a Sustainable Approach Toward Fashion

      Typically when we shop for new items to add to our wardrobe, we look at the value of the garments in two ways. First, how much does the piece cost and and second, what does it say about my personal style?

      These days fashion is fast and fleeting and we are forever trying to keep up with the seasons and the trends all while trying to stay stylish yet practical. However, there are trade-offs when garments come cheap that have serious and lasting effects not only on your pocketbook but on this very place that we call home: Earth.

      Ok Earthling, you do your best to avoid garments that are manufactured in factories that ignore the welfare of their workers. You donate your gently used pieces to the needy. You may even shop local and buy American made when possible. But when curating your wardrobe is it possible to stay fashion forward AND eco-conscious? We think so!

      Here at Krimson Klover we hope to stay true to our values both in our design concepts and our commitment to positive change in the world.

      Sustainability begins with our designs and our designs are closely tied to the fibers they are constructed with. We have a deep rooted and ongoing love affair with the sweater that has grown into a knitwear brand that worships the miracle fiber that is wool. Merino is our medium and let me count the ways for which we fell in love.

      For starters, wool is a natural, sustainable, rapidly renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable resource. Our sweaters start on the farm so we must consider the source when looking at where our fibers come from and what it takes to get them from ewe to you. The supply chain begins with only the highest standards for animal husbandry. Happy sheep make the best sweaters after all.

      Merino wool is an especially good choice for performance apparel due to its ability to warm in cold weather and cool in the heat. It's a durable fabric with built in climate control and it's naturally stain resistant.

      And this brings us to fashion's dirty little secret. Your carbon footprint often increases when you get a garment home. Laundering and washing your clothes consumes the largest amount of resources and has the biggest impact on our environment than any other step in the manufacturing process. Simply put, washing is the worst!

      Wool is already an eco-friendly fiber that requires far less processing than other textiles and this remains true for it's home care as well. There is a significant reduction in energy use when you consider that our garments will stand up to multiple wears before needing to be cleaned. In fact, washing is frowned upon in the traditional sense and with the exception of the occasional hand wash or spot treatment when necessary, Krimson Klover's pieces are low maintenance and therefore last longer.

      We are passionate about our designs and we hope to see this shift continue toward slow fashion. Our responsibility to preserve this planet for future generations of adventurous women is what influences our decision making from the initial sketch to the final sale and everything in between.