Social Impact

“Giving back is truly what makes the world go around.”

Rhonda Swenson
Krimson Klover Founder & Creative Director 

We do things that feed our soul and connect us to what matters most. 

Our advocacy efforts continue to grow with organizations on-the-ground fighting the good fight. We give back to nonprofits and initiatives that make our communities stronger and our planet healthier. We’re committed to building long-lasting partnerships based on sustainability, passion, and trust. It’s what we do—for you, our communities, our planet, and our future.


We’re proud to support an organization that believes there should be more opportunities for women of all backgrounds to learn and experience outdoor activities that encourage fun, laughter and friendship. Confronting the reality that outdoor activities can be intimidating if not impossible to access on your own, AdventurUs Women strives to create welcoming learning environments that emphasize camaraderie and skill-building while connecting with nature in iconic locales. Think hiking the Dolomites, rafting Oregon’s Wild and Scenic Rogue River, or spotting the Big 5 on a South African safari—all with a group of fun and supportive women.

Unlike other outdoor experiences offering connection, adventure, and exploration, AdventurUs Women meets women exactly where they are, providing a safe space and group in which to bravely try, safely fail, and boldly triumph.

- Rachel
Winter Escape Participant

Women and LGBTQ+-owned, AdventurUs Women provides scholarships to help break down financial barriers for participants and offers affirming and supportive spaces for women to confidently learn and explore in the outdoors. More than just an outdoor adventure company, AdventurUs Women is a community intent on empowering other women both in our outdoor journeys and as professionals.



We’re passionate about elevating the voices and experiences of women and girls in the outdoors. As a brand that empowers women to Live Boldly, we’re thrilled to partner with The Cairn Project to nurture the next generation of self-confident young women through outdoor adventure. 

Our support helps The Cairn Project deliver on its core mandate: to connect more young women to outdoor spaces and environmental education opportunities. Like Krimson Klover, The Cairn Project envisions a world in which ALL young women feel welcomed and empowered outside. 

Together, we’re helping to create a sense of belonging and building lifelong skills for girls and young women across the country.


We’re honored to partner with the incredibly talented artist, Lamont Joseph White. Lamont’s designs boldly and beautifully celebrate diversity and inclusion in the outdoors. It’s often said that race doesn’t matter or that color isn’t seen. Lamont prefers, instead, to observe our differences so we can better embrace them and create opportunities. His creative pursuits include fine art exhibits, graphic design, fashion illustration, and product development with major brands across multiple industries.

The power of what we see informs what we know to be normal. There are times when that needs to be re-evaluated when it comes to representation. I appreciate the opportunity to partner my art with Krimson Klover’s brand to create something collaboratively beautiful and help further this conversation. 

- Lamont Joseph White
Artist & DEI Advocate


A portion of sales from our partnership with Lamont Joseph White benefit youth development nonprofit Hoods to Woods. Hoods to Woods launched in 2009 with the idea that everyone should have access to the outdoors. We couldn’t agree more. 

Hoods to Woods creates opportunities for underserved communities to participate in winter sports at no cost, removing a major barrier for many people. Co-founders Brian Paupaw and Omar Diaz grew up in underserved communities in New York City and understand that sharing their passion for the outdoors can have a positive impact on inner-city youth. 

This collaboration furthers our efforts to include women of all colors, ethnicities, and talents in the outdoors and to connect underrepresented communities with the wonders of these spaces.

Growing up in the projects, I understood first hand the challenges inner-city youth face. I wanted to provide a positive outlet and an opportunity to participate in a sport that can be really transformative. There's goal-setting, encouragement, accomplishment, and community on the hill. Hoods to Woods has changed my mindset to recognize when things are going crazy in the world, there is a beautiful side to humanity with people caring—from donating to volunteering. It’s very humbling to see the support come in.

- Brian Paupaw 
Hoods to Woods Co-Founder & Executive Director