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    Krimson Klover Open House

    Krimson Klover Open House

    Open House

    The Krimson Klover team along with the ladies at What's Up PR have joined forces to spread the KK sweater love. We threw a little party this week in our Boulder office and invited some folks in the area who we thought would appreciate the work we've been doing both in fashion and in giving back to the causes that are near and dear to us.

    We spruced up the joint in anticipation of a fun-filled evening at KK Headquarters.

    Boulder is home to Krimson Klover

    Krimson Klover has called Boulder home for two years now, but since we are tucked away in a remote part of Pearl Street we had yet to meet our neighbors.

    That all changed this week!

    Greeting Guests

    As our guests arrived, River, our CEO of all things cute and cuddly, was ready to greet them at the door.

    Our Showroom

    Our showroom was decked out in our upcoming Fall '15 collection. We had a variety of goodies on display as well as a small gift for everyone who attended. Spring '16 had just arrived so as an added bonus we were able to give a sneak peek of what will be in stores next spring.

    Rhonda Swenson (left), Krimson Klover founder and lead designer, got a chance to show off both the Fall '15 collection.  With its vintage ski inspired patterns and the new Spring '16 collection with its emphasis on hand painted pieces. We love getting people's reactions to new collections and judging from the feedback we received, the upcoming seasons are sure to be a big hit with our customers.

    Rachel Hadley, KK's marketing director and Beth Cochran from What's Up PR introduced our guests to the Krimson Klover brand. Later Rhonda, our fearless leader spoke about the future of Krimson Klover. This was a great opportunity to convey our brand, our business and our passion for empowering women.

    The KK Team suited up in some of our favorite pieces for Spring '16.

    The party was a huge success! A big thanks to everyone who came to show their support. We're really excited about growing our community and our outreach. We believe it starts with cultivating the relationships in our own backyard. Here's to many more events in the future!

    The KK Team!

    Creating Adventures of Mind, Body and Spirit

    Creating Adventures of Mind, Body and Spirit

    Colleen Cannon has a self-proclaimed Ph.D in play. As a highly decorated professional athlete with numerous world and national titles she has learned that physical activity is one of the most powerful, and perhaps the most under-used tool for personal discovery, balance and transformation. This coupled with her passion for inspiring and empowering women lead her to create women’s adventures for the mind, body and spirit – Women’s Quest.

    Her guided trips offer women a non-competitive, safe environment to express themselves through biking, hiking, surfing, and horse-womanship, while connecting to nature, creating stillness, and cultivating awareness of one’s heart’s desire. All with the goal of learning how to live a purposeful and balanced life amid the chaos of the digital world we live in today. Colleen strongly believes that with clear vision and determination, we can all achieve our life's dream. This philosophy is woven into every aspect of her programs and what has been known to set them apart. Not only are her trips a physically active/challenging vacation, guest get to connect with other amazing women, get in touch with their personal purpose and have a ton of FUN! For more information visit the Women’s Quest website.

    Top 4 places you’d rather be?

    • Surfing in Costa Rica
    • Riding my bike in Italy
    • Hiking in Peru where everyone smiles blows my heart wide open
    • Swimming in Hawaii with the dolphins

    Go-to outfit?

    • I’m pretty basic when it comes to style…just a bikini on the beach, but at home in Colorado I live in layers of wool and lots of comfortable yoga-type pants.

    Morning person or night person?

    • Believe it or not I’m both! Meditation and movement are the first things I do when I wake. If I have time for a long sit great, if not a face washing meditation does the trick. Then I typically start the day with a run to feed the horses at about 7 am. Late at night my creative energy stars flowing so I either write, listen to music or have a quiet moment to catch up on some emails. I zonk out for nine hours and do it all again!

    Best advice ever given to you?

    • Slow down and enjoy life. Simple yet profound!

    Check out the incredible trips available through Women's Quest and save on the Colorado and Tuscany retreats with these coupons!

    Featured Fashions: Cheveron Summer Dress

    Featured Fashions: Cheveron Summer Dress

    Featured Fashions: Cheveron Summer Dress  

    Easy Rider Chevron Knit Summer Dress 

    This lightweight zig-zag knit dress is the perfect transition piece from spring into summer. Fully lined, this dress drapes beautifully without clinging. Three-quarter length sleeves and a scalloped hem add the final feminine touches to this textured summer dress.

    36″ Length | Cotton/ Viscose Blend White/Black/Poppy

    Featured Fashions: Textured Knit Tank

    Featured Fashions: Textured Knit Tank

    Featured Fashions: Textured Knit Tank

    Gypsie Caravan Textured Knit Tank $104 Bare those shoulders and stay cool as the temperatures climb. This diamond textured knit tank top is made with a linen/viscose yarn which is easy/breezy in the summer months and comes in white, coral and indigo. Layer with a simple camisole for your go-to summer tank top.
    28" Length | Linen/Viscose Blend

    Featured Fashions: Mod Summer Dress

    Featured Fashions: Mod Summer Dress

    Featured Fashions: Mod Summer Dress

     Southern Belle Summer Dress in Mod Print

    This week we're featuring the marvelously mod Southern Belle Summer Dress. This fun, flirty frock with its large geo-print is perfect for a warm spring day or a balmy summer night. A bold pattern with a throw back A-line silhouette is sure to make a splash with pops of color in poppy, aqua and lime.

    36" Length | Fully Lined | Hidden Zipper | Cotton/Spandex