Our Team

Women Who Dare

At Krimson Klover, everything we do is inspired by a life well-lived. We're a group of strong, passionate, talented, adventurous women (and a few good men behind the scenes). We're as serious about our design details as we are about how and where we play in our apparel.

We take a different approach to the outdoors. We believe these spaces are for everyone—and we do everything we can to celebrate, support, and lift each other up.

Artists, designers, marketers, problem-solvers, athletes, fashionistas, outdoorists, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, movers, shakers—we’re drawn to the transformational power of the outdoors. When we’re in nature—sunshine on our face, wind through our hair—we feel wild and free.

We all have our reasons for why we get outside. We’re here to help you do it more often. 


Rhonda Swenson
Founder & Creative Director
Gail Ross
Chief Operating Officer
Kate Saunders
Merchandising/Brand Strategy
Susie Wagner
Director of Sales


Michele Burnette
Sales & Customer Service Specialist
Tom Reynolds
Supply Chain and Logistics Manager
Amy Marshall
Senior Product Developer, Sweaters & Knits
Marley Carrington-Maurer
Apparel Designer & Product Developer


Cat Nemecheck
Design & Product Development
Lori Schell
Sales Operations Manager
Georgie Chase
Sales & Operations Coordinator


Greta Sievert
Graphic Designer & Ecommerce Marketing Coordinator
Katie Onheiber
Brand & Content Strategist
Casey Zipp
Social Media & Content Coordinator