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    Live Boldly Blog

    Krimson Klover Spring Fashion Memo

    Krimson Klover Spring Fashion Memo

    Krimson Klover Spring Fashion

    This season showcases the SILHOUETTE. Shift dresses, high-waisted skirts, sheer basics and EXQUISITE necklines are PLAYFUL but POLISHED. Sheer tops hint at ROMANCE with featherweight fabrics and VIBRANT colors. BOLD prints, transitional basics and FEMININE finishes strike a balance between SOFTNESS and STRENGTH. Longing for bare shoulders and EFFORTLESS style, open stitch linens are made to MOVE. It’s not a subtle hue but a POP! of color. It’s a spring packed with COMPLIMENTARY pieces for those balmy but chilly nights. Here’s to a spring that’s a little less delicate with an emphasis on ENERGY and ADVENTURE. Spring is an invitation – say YES.


    March Music: In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

    March Music: In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

    Krimson Klover Spring Fashion

    March certainly has come in like a lion this year but alas, only a few more weeks until spring! What better way to celebrate March's lamb-like finish than with a new sweater!

    Check out our SALE page for huge discounts on Fall '14 styles.

    This list is full of fun tunes to groove to while you wait out the snow and cold and dream of warmer weather. Grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine and tune out the temperature while you browse the Krimson Klover Spring '15 collection.

    Behold! Over two hours of music to combat the winter doldrums.

    Spotify Playlist Listed in Older Post

    Krimson Klover Trade Show Wrap Up

    Krimson Klover Trade Show Wrap Up

    Krimson Klover recently wrapped up another trade show season and we're pleased to report that our three major shows, Outdoor Retailer, SIA Snow Show and Stitch were all a huge success.

    Our Fall 2015 line made its debut at the Outdoor Retailer trade show in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    Latest Krimson Klover Collection

    Trade shows are not only a great opportunity to show off the latest Krimson Klover collection, but it's also a nice way to meet our dealers, reps and colleagues across different industries and markets. As a first time trade show attendee, I welcomed the chance to put faces with names and get acquainted with the people that truly make Krimson Klover a success.

    Retailers Stopping By Booth

    These trade shows allow retailers to stop by the Krimson Klover booth and preview the line in order to decide what pieces will appeal to their customer. It's always exciting for us to see the reactions of the dealers and determine which pieces we nailed for the upcoming season. The response to this year's Fall line was overwhelmingly positive and we are thrilled that our collection can get people excited for yet another long winter.

    The "Conquering the Elements" fashion show at Outdoor Retailer was a fun kick off to the show and the Krimson Klover pieces looked great coming down the runway.

    Sleigh Ride

    (Older post contained links to the 2015 OR Fashion Show and Look Book)Check out this video of the fashion show and don't miss the Krimson Klover Sleigh Ride Sweater at 52 seconds in! And follow this link to view the OR Fashion Show Look Book.

    Specializing in Luxury Fibers

    Krimson Klover specializes in luxury fibers and beautiful patterns so it's not enough to simply see the garments in a catalog or on the mannequin. We invite people to get up close, feel how soft the wool is and mix and match the pieces to create a color story that their customer will love.

    Merino wool, pima cotton/silk and cashmere make this new collection stand out and our new performance wool ensures that the pieces stand up to your active lifestyle.

    Look! It's Krimson Klover on the cover of the SIA Snow Show Daily (bottom right).

    There is no doubt that we impressed the folks in the outdoor and snow sport industries with our vintage inspired ski sweaters, hand-painted base layers and our new performance wool blends, but we wondered how some of our sportier styles would resonate at Stitch which boasts a more contemporary style.

    In the end, it turns out that Krimson Klover is a brand that appeals to many women. The Krimson Klover woman loves her ski boots as much as her designer handbag and is at the same time an adventurer and a trendsetter. We are confident that this collection is perfect for powder days, date nights and everything in between.

    Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello and check out the Fall '15 collection. A BIG thanks to everyone who helped us out both at the show and behind the scenes. Look for Krimson Klover Fall '15 to hit the stores and the website in August. In the meantime, let's think Spring! Go to to check out our new website and the Spring 2015 collection.

    Compliments Guaranteed: Tell Us Your Story!

    Compliments Guaranteed: Tell Us Your Story!

    As our tag line states "compliments are guaranteed" when you are wearing Krimson Klover. I love the change in seasons for a variety of reasons, but perhaps the best part is pulling out my boots from the back of my closet and rediscovering my favorite sweaters. For the first chilly day in Denver and I opted to break out my Smitten Kitten sweater. It is a cozy, chunky sweater with a gorgeous space dye yarn. I paired it with boots and jeans and headed out for errands. Over the course of the day I got at least 8 compliments.  I had not put too much thought into my outfit, but it seemed that every place I went someone commented on my beautiful sweater.

    Every single time I wear a Krimson Klover piece I get noticed.  I have been stopped on the street, in grocery store and received compliments as I shop. While I see these pieces everyday at the office, they have not lost their charm, I know that if I put on that sweater I will look and feel good. I never fail to get complimented when I wear Krimson Klover and that is what we strive for.

    We love to hear from our customers, so tell us what is your Krimson Klover compliment story?

    Summer Skin- Enjoying life to its fullest!

    Summer Skin- Enjoying life to its fullest!

    As we move into summer, long hikes, climbing trips and mountain bike rides become the focus of our free time. Exploring local and far away destinations gives us the opportunity to expand our horizons. The temperatures rise and we shed our layers. This year I am going to let my sun-kissed skin give way to a new, carefree confidence.

    Magazines and blogs prompt us to “get into bikini shape.” I, for one, do not want to spend another summer stressed that my abs are not flat, there is a bit of cellulite right there and a little bulge I hate right here, oh and “my thighs touch!”
    Photo Courtesy Of:

    This body has gotten me up to the top of full day climbs, through 3-month backpacking trips, and through every grueling workout you can think of. This body does not deserve to starve and it does not deserve harsh criticism, a criticism that is probably brought on more by my own head and the ideals of “what we are supposed to look like” than reality.

    Photo Courtesy Of:

    This summer I vow to cherish and fuel myself as I see fit. I am definitely wearing a bikini and I wonder if, for once, I do not try to hide my stomach, what will happen? In this day and age we work hard for our physiques, but we hardly ever praise them.  I will not feel guilty about the cake I eat at my friends wedding, I won’t even justify it with the dignity of explaining that I eat nutritiously the rest of the time.

    This is a summer for living, life is short and it would be a shame to be at war with the vessel that gets me through the day. This summer let’s all give ourselves a little break; as active, vibrant women we eat well, we are athletic and work hard. Spanx are painful and I think many will agree with me, that you are far sexier without bike shorts on under your dress.  Sure, I may not look like a Victoria’s Secret model, but I have no desire to be a model, so I will continue to pursue my favorite activities and give these thighs a little credit. You look like you love your life ladies and if we shed our body hang ups there will be so much more to put our minds toward.

    Cheers to a summer devoted to enjoying life to its fullest!