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    Sweater Care: 10 Tips to Keep Your Sweaters Hygge Worthy

    Sweater Care: 10 Tips to Keep Your Sweaters Hygge Worthy

    The Delicate Cycle Isn’t So Delicate – 10 Tips for Sweater Care

    In today’s wash and wear world, we often forget that beautiful fibers like Merino wool need a little special care to ensure they last a lifetime.

    1. Smelling pretty.

    Merino wool is coated in natural lanolin, this lanolin acts as a barrier to odor and is a natural stain repellent.  Unless your garment is visibly stained, you really don’t need to wash it.  You can wear your wool items many times before they need a little sprucing up.  This isn’t just a great time saver – but it’s also super friendly to the environment.  Less washing means less water and electricity used for cleaning.

    After wearing, just hang your items to let them air out and they are ready to be added back into your wardrobe rotation.  If you are around smoke or had a little spill, you might need to give your sweater a little extra attention.

    2. Spot Check.

    If you need a little more sprucing up, we recommend dry cleaning or using the at home dry cleaning sheets (like Dryel).  We don’t recommend putting any of your wool items in the washer or dryer!  You’ll end up with beautiful tiny versions of your favorite knitted items for sure.  Even the “delicate” cycle will render your favorite sweater unwearable.

    3. Give Them a Hand.

    First, make sure to read the care tag on your garment.  Some sweaters have special knit techniques and designs and may stretch/shrink differently after being submerged in water.  If you are unsure, using Dryel or dry cleaning is your safest bet.

    Here’s how to hand wash like a pro:  Fill a sink or large plastic container with as much cool water as you can.  Add a few squirts of a gentle detergent like Woolite.  Submerge your sweater and swish it around.  Let it soak for 30 minutes, then rinse it well under cool water.

    4. Get Horizontal.

    Never wring or twist a sweater to get the water out after hand washing.  Gently squeeze as much water as you can out of your sweater then lay it flat on a towel and roll it up like a sushi roll to soak up any excess water.  Lay it flat on a clean dry towel or sweater dryer.

    Please don’t hang your wet sweaters, the weight of the water will stretch out your sweater while it dries and all of your hard work will be for naught.

    5. Sometimes shrinking isn’t the problem.

    If you leave your knitted garments hanging all year long, the weight of the sweater or dress will stretch your garment after time.  This is especially true for those that have a looser weave.  It’s best to store your heavier and knitted items folded.  However, if you do want to hang them, the best way to hang your sweaters is by folding them over the hanger.  This will prevent stretching as well as the “bumps” you get in the shoulders of the sweater from the hanger.

    6. Moth Holes are Really a Thing.

    Moths are very sneaky little critters, they love natural fibers and the moth larvae will chew little holes in wool, silk and sometimes cotton.  You won’t typically see the moths hanging around, but you’ll know they were in your closet when you find a hole in your favorite sweater.  The best way to prevent your sweaters from becoming a midnight snack is to store them in mothproof containers (sweater bags, plastic bins) with a few cedar chips thrown in for good measure. 

    7. Bumpy situation.

    Pilling or the little bumps on your sweater is caused by friction, from things like seatbelts, purses, and arms.  Most sweaters, when subjected to friction, will pill, you can easily and gently remove them by holding the sweater flat and slicing the pills off one at a time with a razor.  There are sweater “shavers” that use abrasive stones and convenient battery operated versions as well.  This dress has pilling, most likely from crossed legs rubbing under a desk or table.

    8. Snags Happen.

    Inevitably you’ll have a purse or piece of furniture that pulls a snag in your sweater.  Lightly stretch the garment around the snag to decrease any puckering.  You can pull the extra yarn through to the inside of the garment.  Please don’t cut the yarn off, you will end up with a hole.

    9. Wrinkle in Time.

    If your sweater has been crammed in a storage container for a season or at the bottom of the pile on a shelf, don’t plug in your iron just yet.  Some fabrics, such as cashmere, are especially susceptible to heat and require special care.

    Lay your sweater flat on your ironing board and lay a thin dish towel on top of your sweater, this will protect your sweater from the extra moisture.  Note:  Don’t use a colored towel, the dye may transfer to your sweater.

    Using the steam setting on your iron, lay the iron on top of the towel without applying additional pressure and move it quickly over the sweater.  Do not stop the iron or leave it in one place for long.  Remove the towel and leave your sweater on the ironing board for a few minutes to let the fibers cool down.

    10. End Game.

    At the end of the season, clean or air out your sweaters and it’s best to fold up your sweaters and store them in breathable-bug-proof containers in the off-season.  You can easily find these at home stores or Amazon.

    2018 Spring Trends

    2018 Spring Trends

    Despite the recent snow here in Colorado, we are getting excited for Spring! We wanted to give you a sneak peek into our Spring 2018 line and talk about upcoming spring trends.

    The first trend we are particularly excited about is Tropical Inspiration. You’ll see lots of beautiful and bold flashes of color interwoven through intricate floral designs this spring season. The twist: these designs aren’t your typical floral design or Hawaiian shirt look, they have a tropical inspired abstract twist to them that is booming in the fashion world. Our Spring ’18 line will feature several different pieces with tropical inspiration such as scarves, ponchos, tunics, swing skirts, and halter tops. Some examples are the Skimmer Swing Skirt, Zaharra Tunic, and Flamenco Dress. Shown below, these pieces are a perfect example of a pop of vibrant color for any spring day or the seamless-looking resort wear outfit.

    (1) Skimmer Swing Skirt Paired with Everyday Tee, (2) Flamenco Dress, (3) Zaharra Tunic

    Another trend you'll see this spring and will create lots of talk this season is Feminine Detailing. You'll see a lot of geometric mosaic designs crisscross strap detailing and bell-shaped sleeves. The pleats flounces, and ruffles in pieces this spring are going to be very popular and sought out for. These small and subtle features are the perfect surprise to pieces that you all already love. This trend can be spotted in our Joni cardigan, Rey halter top, and Arlo sweater, shown below. The intricate layering at the bottom of the Rey halter creates a flowering and flattering look that can complete any outfit this spring. Pleated detail is another feature you’ll find this season which creates an ultimately slimming look that we can’t get enough of.

    (1)Arlo Bell Sleeved Pullover Paired with the Starboard Skirt (2) Rey halter top, (3) Piper Racerback Dress with Keyhole Detail 

    When it came to creating an overall look this coming Spring season, we think it is more than necessary to have Everyday Basics available. These pieces can be paired with just about anything to create a sought-after outfit. We wanted to re-invent the closet staples and give these pieces little surprises. By adding small details such as keyhole cutouts, ribbing details, and pointelle stitching, we are able to keep the look simple and at the same time create a sense of uniqueness. The combination of timeless tones and revamped classics with unexpected detailing, we have the perfect go-to pieces for you this season. Our basics are the Capitol T-shirt and Suki halter dress.  The Suki has pointelle stitching around the neck and pleating in the back adding unexpected details to this solid dress.

    (1) Capital 3/4 Sleeve T-shirt  Paired with the Ginger Skort, (2) Pointele Detailing on the Suki Dress, (3) Suki Halter Dress showing the ruffle back detail.

    Performance Knits are a huge focus for us this Spring.  Our knit pieces fit nicely into everyday lifestyle looks. Adding structural texture along with elasticity, strength, durability, and breathability, these pieces will help you complete your active and sporty lifestyle wardrobe. We had a feeling we would be seeing this trend all over this season and we are beginning to see we were correct.  The stripes and clever rib placement on these pullover tops, create a sporty look that can easily be transformed into casual looks just by switching up the items you pair with it. Made from viscose, which is a naturally derived fiber from a wood pulp, in these performance pieces gives them the strength and resistance to abrasion making them breathable and dependable. The Harbor Hoody and Britt Tank are a few of our favorite performance knits for Spring.

    (1) Brit Tank paired with the Farrah Skort, (2) Back view of Harbor Hoody, (3) Leia Crew Pullover 

    The spring trend that really intrigued us this season was the Laser Cut and Mesh look. This has been very popular featuring graphic geometrics with high contracts and negative/positive space. It’s the new and modern take on the traditional feminine lace, giving it an updated and fresh look that is unmistakable. The precision peekaboo’s and pointelle holes create a twist on our popular silhouettes. We had fun with this one because it is such an intricate and delicate process. The Jasmine Dress and Pepper Skort are perfect examples of the laser cut trend within our line. Dress them up or down, they are ready to go from the park to dinner with the family.

    (1) Jasmine Laser Cut Dress (2) Pepper Laser Cut Skort Paired with Lily Tank (3) Lily Tank Features a Laser Cut Look Detail on the Back. Paired with Georgia Skort 

    Versatility and functionality is a trend we can get behind, everyone loves a good “Athleisure” outfit. Who doesn’t want to be comfortable yet in style? Everyone loves a high functionality piece that they can always rely on for a day of spontaneous adventure. These pieces are perfect for when you don’t know what is coming your way, but you want to look great and be prepared. Including a bold color palette and your classic red, white and blue palette, you can go for either look to go along with your fast-paced lifestyle.

    (1) Camellia Dress (2) Ginger Skort paired with Capital 3/4 Sleeve Tee (3) Mae Wrap Romper 

    Lastly, this Spring we added a few Nautical Inspired pieces. With billowing stripes and classic color palettes, this look is perfect for any spring day paired with any of your favorite solid pieces. Timeless horizontals and innovative mashups with the striping are essential for the nautical style.  Check out our Leia pullover, Dorothy Dress, and Abella Scarves.

    (1) Dorothy Dress (2) Frida Racer Back Dress (3) Everyday Tee Paired with Abella Scarf

    p.s. All jewelery provided by Bronwen Jewelry, some items are only available at our retail locations. 

    Get excited, our spring items will be available on our website March 1, 2018.

    #WCW -- Dawn Doty

    #WCW -- Dawn Doty

    This week's #WCW comes from our intern, Emma. 

    Dawn Doty is one of my teachers at CU (has been for three semesters!) and is actually my faculty advisor for my Krimson Klover internship. I really look up to her and value her opinions and work ethic.

    "As an undergraduate years ago, I first wanted to be a teacher. While I quickly changed my major to communication, little did I know that my passion for learning and educating would be a key part of my success as a communication professional. Now, after an extensive PR career, I joined the University of Colorado - Boulder as a faculty member to teach public relations."  -- Dawn

    Dawn Doty joined CMCI as a full-time public relations instructor in August 2016. Before joining CU Boulder, she worked as partner and vice president at Denver-based Linhart Public Relations where she earned a reputation as an energizing, creative and no-nonsense leader who cares deeply for her team and clients. Her clients included Chipotle, Crocs, General Mills, Southwest Airlines, and the U.S. Air Force Academy, to name a few.

    What is your day job? My current dream job -- teaching Public Relations at the University of Colorado - Boulder

    Favorite Hobby: Actual travel or planning my next adventure to explore a new place.

    Who has inspired you lately? Why? Olympic skier Mikaela Shiffrin for saying, "Stop shying away from your ambitions. Work toward it."

    Who do you hope to inspire? Anyone who needs it at the time they need it at the time I'm with them.

    How do you #liveboldly? I #BelieveBoldly.

    What are you most excited for in 2018? Two things: simple everyday-ness and an adventure to Morocco followed by a yet-undetermined place before heading on to Georgia and Armenia.

    To connect with Dawn, you can find her on LinkedIn.

    Year of the Dog

    Year of the Dog

    2018 is "Year of the Dog" in the Chinese Zodiak.  The year starts on Chinese New Year which falls on February 16 this year.

    The dog is the eleventh of all the Chinese zodiac animals.  Evidently, the way the myth goes...the order of the animals is said to be decided by the order in which the animals arrived to the Jade Emporer's party.  The Monkey, Rooster, and Dog were in another country helping God defeat evil spirits.  After defeating the evilspirits they headed off to the party.  The Monkey, Rooster, and Dog all arrived to the party at the same time -- so the Jade Emperor went by the order they met the god in the other country.

    Rhonda, our founder with her dog River.


    People born in Dog years (1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006 and 2018) are honest and loyal.  Dogs are the truest friends and most reliable partner.  A Dog's most defining characteristic is their loyalty.  They will never abandon their friends, family or work.  Dog's are honest and true, amiable, kind, cautious and prudent.  Born with good natures, and find communicating their thoughts to others difficult.

    Speaking of Dogs, here in the Krimson Klover office, we couldn't agree more...we have an office full of (actual) dogs and they are all the most loyal and true friends we could ask for.  Every day is a dog day, and they make our days brighter.

    We've got River, the Austrailian Shepard.  He'll talk to you if you aren't paying attention to him.  River will also roll on his back for a belly rub if he sees you've got hands.

    Josie is the only girl dog in the office.  She's the sweetest border collie you ever did meet.  Josie was rescued recently from the Boulder Humane Society.

    The Dogs of Krimson Klover Living Boldly. (btw, getting them all in one photo was a project!)

    Oscar, the black lab, he speaks with a British accent and he's got a very discriminating palette, he's super picky about the treats he'll eat.  But he'll jump up and down and wag his tail when he's excited to see you.  Oscar's nemesis is the tiniest of the dogs, Koa.

    Koa is a long haired chihuahua rescued from the Colorado Corrections program.  Koa swiffers-up all of the crumbs and will guilt you with his puppy eyes for as much lunch or treats as you can part with.

    We have two corgies Kezi and Calvin that don't come to the office everday but we get to hang with them when they join us on hikes, these two have a lot of energy and the secretly want to join a pack of deer to live out their days in the wild.

    #WCW -- Caroline Gleich

    #WCW -- Caroline Gleich

    Today's #wcw is Caroline Gleich, we don't know her personally, but we are inspired and in awe of her awesomeness. Check out how she went out to achieve her goal of skiing all 90 ski mountaineering lines across Utah's Wasatch Mountains, known as The Chuting Gallery. She is only the 4th person and 1st woman to do so!

    February 7 (Today) is also National Girls & Women in Sports Day. The 2018 theme is “Play Fair, Play IX.” today is a time to celebrate the extraordinary achievements in girls and women’s sports and the positive influence athletic participation brings to their lives. And as they say, we still have a long way to go baby!