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      Live Boldly Blog

      Our Swim Collection Hits The Beach

      swimsuits by krimson klover

      We took our swim collection to the beaches of Panama. We got to jump aboard the Evolias catamaran sailboat with WeSail. They took us through the San Blas islands where we got to see starfish, dolphins and take in the sights! A true treat, plus we got to test out our suits in the salt water and sand... we hope you enjoy the collection as much as us. It's time to set sail!

      *Evolias spells SAIL LOVE backwards.


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      The Base Layer 411

      The Base Layer 411

      We all know that layering is important for winter weather comfort, but that said, the song isn't wrong - it really is all about this most important of layers. A good base layer should be close fitting, slightly compressive, and extremely breathable - it's the first place where your temperate and sweat can breath out, or get trapped. If your base layer isn't breathable enough, you will start to get wet, which increases your chance of chill or even hypothermia in extreme conditions.

      Fortunately, Krimson Klover base layers have you covered for any cold conditions that ski season throw your way. Here are just a few technical features that set our offerings apart from the rest:

      Seamless Construction – some of our pieces use a special method that eliminates all or most seams, creating a very comfortable, compressive fit around your body. This comes in handy because the more compressive your base layer, the better your body can increase bloodflow rates and regulate your temperature. Also, compression serves to support your muscles so you can take more trips up the lift with less rest in between. 

      Moisture Wicking –This feature is important because as soon as your skin itself gets damp or wet, that is when the chill sets in and lowers your core body temperature. Both our seamless and illustrated base layers are excellent in this regard. All of our base layers, both seamless and illustrated are excellent at letting moisture out while keeping warmth in.

      Naturally Odor Controlling Fabric – While we might not like to think about it, our base layers are the first line of defense for staying fresh during a day of winter fun. Merino is naturally anti-microbial, which means that those pesky little stinkers stay far away from your fabric – not just for a day, but for the duration of your base layer ownership. Years down the road, it will be as pristine as it was when you first put it on. 

      Sustainable Fabrics and Manufacturing – Our merino wool is sustainably sourced from farmers who treat their animals ethically, so no worrying about where your base layer comes from. We support small, ethical, women owned/operated knitting factories who create our gorgeous garments with care, so know that you’re also empowering people around the globe with your purchase.

       Apres Ready – When you’re finished for the day, our base layers are the perfect pieces to grab a drink in. From our Illustrated to our Seamless collection, all of ours are designed by local Colorado artists who gain inspiration from the wild mountains of this amazing place Krimson Klover calls home. After all, the mountains are calling!

      Now that you’ve got the 411 you need, check out all of the base layers Krimson Klover has to offer!




      How To - Apres Ski

      How To - Apres Ski

      We all know that ski season is the best part of the year, but it’s not only because of bright white powder or the thrill of a perfect run – the after party, or Aprés Ski, is just as important. So how do you get the most from your post-slope time? Krimson Klover has the best tips and tricks so you can make the most of these primo moments! 

      • Follow a Local – unless you live in a ski town (in which case, lucky you), chances are you’re never going to know the best spots the way a townie will. During the day, try to mingle until you find someone with firsthand knowledge of where you are – even if it’s a place you go all the time, there might be some new bar or hot spot that has yet to hit the mainstream.

      • Know Which Gear to Wear - When heading out after hours, best to leave your gear where it belongs and not to the bar – ski boots are the exception, but you still might want to bring some tennies in case the night gets a little long and your feet need a break. Stash skis and boards in your car or locker so they’re not getting bumped into (or worse, stolen) while you’re out. BUT. It’s completely ok, even preferable, to stay in your baselayers/ski clothes. Good thing we have the perfect base layers to keep you looking great, even in the Apres phase. :) 

      • Look for Live Music – A good beverage is always served best with some great tunes to listen to while you’re at it. Many ski resorts book bands far in advance to make sure to attract a large crowd late into the night. Before you head out for the weekend, do some research to see which lodges or bars have the best live shows, and then plan your evenings accordingly.

      • Be Aware of Your Surroundings – Ok, this one might be a bit of a downer, but nothing is worse than getting lost late at night (or early in the morning) trying to make your way back to your room. Before you head out, get a map of how to get back, and a plan B just in case you can’t catch an Uber or Lyft when you need one.

      • Take it Slowly – Unlike how you want to come down the mountain, Apres time can go for a while, and is usually done at higher elevations. Make sure to drink a glass of water in between each alcoholic beverage to make sure you don’t get any adverse effects or get into a bad spot. You also don’t want to have so much fun on the first night that the second day of skiing is compromised! So have fun, but be smart!

      Want to get some great new threads to show off during your next Apres Ski adventure? Check our Winter Collection and update your wardrobe before the season ends!

      Merino Love - The 411 on Merino Wool

      Merino Love - The 411 on Merino Wool

      Wool used to be synonymous with itchy skin, thick unruly yarns, and dry clean only tags. Fortunately, the wool of today is nothing like that of the past. That said, not all wool is created equal – that’s why Krimson Klover chooses the finest Merino wool yarns and blends to craft our extremely comfortable, extremely durable, extremely sustainable knits and baselayers. If you don’t know yet, let’s give a little 411 on Krimson Klover Merino Wool.

      Where does Merino Wool come from?

      New Zealand, Australia, and South America are all known for their Merino sheep, which dot the countryside like little white cotton balls against rich green hills. Merino sheep are famous for their wool, and since it comes from a natural source, it’s naturally renewable and sustainable, and biodegradable. Only Merino sheep can boast wearing Merino wool!

      What’s so great about Merino?

      So much! First off, Merino is thermo regulating and breathable, which keeps you cool when you’re hot and hot when you’re cold - that’s why it makes great base layers. It’s also antimicrobial, so you don’t need to wash it as much as you might other baselayers or tops. This makes it good for the environment and good for our water bill! If you’re looking for a perfect travel material, look no further than Merino wool – it’s wrinkle resistant, dirt/water repellent and stain resistant, which means you’ll show up at arrivals as fresh as you did at departures.  

      Is all Merino Wool created equally?

      No – just because you happen to use Merino wool doesn’t mean that all Merino is of the same quality. Here at Krimson Klover, we use ultra-fine merino wool, which mean it’s softer on your skin and has a nicer hand feel. Also, and even more importantly, our Merino is sourced from farmers who treat their sheep responsible and ethically. There are no cruel practices or sheering techniques, and you can rest assured that no animals were caused undue harm or pain while sourcing their precious resource!

      Can I wear Merino all year round?

      Yes!  Merino is a year round fabric that is equally at home in the summer as it is in the winter. This is due to Merino’s excellent moisture transfer and temperature regulating abilities. Grab a short sleeve or sleeveless Merino top in the summer to stay just as cool as you do warm with a long sleeve top in the winter time.

      What do Merino sheep look like?

      They look like this! Aren’t they adorable?

      How long does Merino last?

      If property stored and taken care of, Merino fabrics can last long enough to be passed down through the generations - so choose your sweater wisely, because your grand kid might inherit it one day!








      The 2019 Gift Guide

      The 2019 Gift Guide

      Tis the season! Your gift giving list has been made and it’s time to start checking off the names. To help make your Holiday shopping easier, we’ve put together this handy 2019 Gift Guide. From stocking stuffers to grand gestures, Krimson Klover has you covered.

      Gifts Under $50

      Illustrated Gaiter $28 – A good gaiter is worth its weight in gold, helping to keep chill out without the bulk of a full scarf. Our illustrated gaiters make great stand alone gifts, or pair them with our Illustrated Beanies, Totes, and Baselayers for a full matching set.

      Hot Spring Beanie $44 -  This gorgeous solid cable knit beanie is also fully lined in soft fleece for an unbeatable combination of warmth and comfort. Made of a Merino blend, this beanie is also low care, odor resistant, and breathable.


      Gifts $50 - $100

      Tote Bag $59 & Weekender Bag $89 – These illustrated Tote and Weekender bags are equallty perfect for quick winter getaways and shopping trips downtown. Made of durable canvas and fully lined, these bags make the perfect gift.


      Orchid Scarf $98 – This luxurious merino blend scarf is the perfect accessory to any cold weather outfit. The playful pattern will both brighten your outfit and warm your neck at the same time.



      Aran Cable Seamless Legging $69 - Stretch, twist, relax, repeat. Find our seamless technology for comfort, contour, and performance without sacrificing style in these leggings featuring a raised cable knit texture.



      Gifts $100 - $150

      Aran Cable Seamless Top $109  -  Matching our Aran Cable Seamless Legging, this quarter zip top features the same gorgeous raised cable knit texture. Works equally well as a first layer for added warmth or an interesting knit top to wear around town.

      Jelena Skirt $136 – This best-selling ski sweater turned skirt has been part of the Krimson Klover line for years. Made with a Viscose Poly blend for easy care, it will keep its shape for years and pairs especially well with our Skye top or Mountainside sweater.

      Solid Skye Turtleneck and Striped Skye Turtleneck $129
      - Our classic Skye Turtleneck is back, a wardrobe essential that will mix and match with just about everything in your closet. In six basic colors, this turtleneck is a must for layering this fall. It makes a perfect under layer for ski sweaters for those extra cold days or wear it alone with your favorite skirt.



      Gifts $150 - $200

      Switchback Insulated Jacket $198 – Half sweater, half quilted wind blocking material, this hybrid outer piece is the perfect winter jacket for any ski outfit. Sleeves and sides are merino blend, front and back is quilted poly non-down fill.

      Solstice Pullover $179 - A crew neck sweater for the shortest day of the year, and every other. This Solstice sweater is a contemporary take on traditional, beloved knits that is sure to become your new winter favorite.

      Yorkshire Full Zip Sweater $189 – You can’t think of Krimson Klover and not think Ski Sweater, so whether you're shopping for an avid skier, or just someone who likes to be the center of attention back at the lodge, this timeless snowflake cardigan is a must for your gift list.

      Gifts Above $200

      Yukio Tunic $219 – For those occasions when you need to dress up just a touch, our tunic selection is second to none. The Yukio tunic is a super soft Merino blend and features a gorgeous asymmetrical collar. Pairing equally well with leggings or jeans, this winter sweater is the gift that will give for years to come.

      Dendrite Poncho $359 – When you want to give a super luxurious sweater, think no further than this sumptuous cashmere poncho. Both the lines and the color choices make this poncho the perfect addition to a winter wardrobe, and the best part – it will stay in style for years to come.


      Of course, it also goes without saying that all of our base layers and leggings make fantastic gifts, especially our signature, vintage inspired illustrated designs. 

      Check out our entire Fall 2019 Collection for more gift giving inspiration, and Live Boldly this Holiday season!