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      Fall 2013 Styles to Get Excited About

      Fall 2013 Styles to Get Excited About

      Fall 2013 Styles to Get Excited About

      SIA and OR were a success for the KK team.

      Everyone was coming to check out our new booth, chock full of amazing ultra fine merino dresses, skirts, sweaters and accessories.

      Bolshevik sweaters and Ridley skirts

      The space dye trend is still on fire, as far as, top sellers you can look forward to wearing the Bolshevik tunic sweaters and Ridley skirts. Both fabulous warm chunky knits are available in three colors. These designer knitwear pieces will pair perfectly with leggings or our great Cable tights.

      Our patterned skirts were also top sellers at the shows, they pair so well with our Stripe in Time turtlenecks for a fresh mixed pattern look or with the Skye turtlenecks for a more subdued, but equally chic look.  Personally, I can’t wait to rock the sassy and chic patterns next winter.

      Merino wool sweaters

      Merino wool has never looked so good and the crowds agree. The Lola Grey-straight off the runway- was a big hit, with its flattering tunic shape and bold geometric pattern. This dress is a perfect day-to-night piece.

      Space Dye Trend

      Krimson Klover brought the space dye trend over to the sporty side with the Cool Cat zip up sweater.  Après attire will be a cinch in the fresh fun colors that coordinate seamlessly with the bright hues seen in ski wear for Fall ’13. 



      Keeping with the obsession with accessories, we really upped the anti on our line up this year with tons of printed tights and fun socks, as well as, exciting and fashion forward scarves. Come fall we can bundle up in style.

      We are so excited for these fantastic designs to hit the racks in August!

      Krimson Klover Will Get You Through The Spring In Style

      Krimson Klover Will Get You Through The Spring In Style

      Krimson Klover Will Get You Through The Spring In Style

      It may still be winter at home in the Rockies where Krimson Klover comes to life, but that doesn’t keep us from looking forward to warmer weather and spring fashion!

      Bright Colors

      With the rest of the world, we are looking forward to bright colors, breezy fabrics and showing a little bit more skin… and maybe some temperatures in the double digits.

      As models walked the Spring 2013 runways, macramé and cutout clothing were everywhere. We might not be ready to bear our midriffs, but in the Penelope and Mayflower sweaters you can show a little skin and stay on trend with everyone from LA to New York. This fun texture play is the perfect way to transition your style from all bundled up to breezy layers just in time for spring.

      Stripes are back for another season and Krimson Klover has got stripes of all sorts. For the traditional stripe there is the Little Dipper top - comfortable and lightweight, easy to wear from spring to summer. For an abstract take on stripes in vibrant colors we have such styles as the Atypical Situation and the Heart Breaker. These fresh new takes on stripes will add interest to any outfit, and will be the perfect staple for spring fashion, as well as, a summer cover-up after watching the sun sink behind the mountains.

      Tory Burch and Donna Karan proved that “lady like” is very in this season, with a bit of a sporty side. To bring your own laid back “lady like” attitude to your style try the Curves Ahead dress. It’s a perfect combination of feminine and easy to wear.  Available in the of-the-moment color Smokey Blue (one of Pantone’s 10 top colors of the season), a classic graphite and Sangria, because a red dress will never go out of style.

      So go ahead embrace the trends in designer knitwear that you can trust, Krimson Klover has got you covered!

      Luxurious Merino Sweaters Begin on the Farm

      Luxurious Merino Sweaters Begin on the Farm

      The luxurious merino knitwear that you have grown to love from Krimson Klover begins on the farm.

      Our wool is sourced from Biella Yarn, an environmentally conscious company that takes great pride in their product. Biella Yarn works closely with their merino farmers. Allowing them to set high standards for grazing, animal husbandry, and livestock conditions. If our merino products are any indication - happy sheep make for only the most comfortable wool.

      Look Great in Biella Yarn

      When you slip into one of our many designer women’s sweaters you can rest easy. Because not only do you look great, you can feel great about them too. Biella Yarn is dedicated to creating a “perfect harmony between natural raw material (wool) and highly advanced processing technology”. In addition to taking great care of the sheep, they make sure to uphold the highest of environmental standards.

      Dedicated To Sustainability

      Environmental protection and socio-cultural commitment are of the utmost importance. Biella Yarn is continually improving their standards for environmentally friendly practices by investing in energy saving state-of-the-art technology. Also, through decreasing their use of water through use of innovative waste water treatment and water purification without the use of chemicals. Additionally, offsetting their use of electricity with their own photovoltaic and solar power production. Lastly, through cutting diesel consumption and not using any hazardous chemicals while greatly reducing the use of non-hazardous chemicals.

      Feel Great In Biella Yarn

      We love Biella Yarn products and we can feel good about using them in our designer sweaters that are 100% renewable and biodegradable. Fashion with a conscious, that’s something to get excited about!

      Photos Courtesy of Biella Yarn

      Krimson Klover Wool Tights in Women's Adventure Magazine

      The amazing ladies at Women's Adventure Magazine truly have an eye for style. When they saw our snowflake wool tights they went bonkers and included them in their "Goods for Your Pack-and-Go Winter Adventures" section of the winter edition. Thanks so much for the shout out and if you are looking to purchase check out all of our wool tights and accessories.