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    Holiday Looks Sure to Make a Smash!

    Holiday Looks Sure to Make a Smash!

    Its that time of year again.  We are excited about Fall- the smells, the tastes and, of course, the fashion!

    Fall is in full swing in the mountains of Colorado, flakes are flying amidst brightly colored foliage and the holiday season is creeping up fast.

    Finding the perfect piece to wear for Thanksgiving and the numerous holiday parties that pepper your winter season isn’t always easy, but at Krimson Klover we have whipped up a few looks that are ideal for all your outfit needs.

    The merino wool Zigs and Zags tunic in ruby and charcoal is the perfect way to add holiday cheer to your wardrobe without sacrificing style. Pair it with black skinnies and dressy black boots for your holiday work party. Looking chic has never been so luxurious!

    Has the spirit of the season got you in the mood for love?  Whether you are seeing someone new or loving who you are with, dressing for date night just got easier. Stay warm and look fetching in the merino wool Wander Dress.  Dress it up with over the knee boots and our Sweet As Honey tights and take on the town in designer knitwear. The Wanderer is also great for a date night at home; You can look cute and be comfy curled up on the couch with a great movie and your special someone.  A versatile sweater dress for all your date night needs!

    For the fancy holiday party that has got you confused on what to wear, try the Glinted Sunset hand painted dress. This elegant knitwear dress is unique and sophisticated, making it perfect for a night out this winter. Pair it with earrings and sexy booties and wow the crowd at your next holiday soiree.

    Krimson Klover Fashion Show Recap

    Krimson Klover Fashion Show Recap

    Sierra Brill, Vail Mountain School student, approached our owner, Rhonda Swenson, at the beginning of the semester with a goal of putting on a Krimson Klover fashion show for her senior project. As part of her project she would also intern with us at the office to learn the day-to-day operations of a fashion manufacturer.

    On her first day as an intern Sierra helped us create knitting specifications for the Fall ’13 sweater samples. While this is a long and rather cumbersome process she later said that “for someone enchanted by fashion it was really exciting to learn about how design works.”

    With a task like putting together a fashion show, there is a lot of work that must be done. After meeting with the KK team she had checklist of what needed to happen in order to pull off the event.

    After locking down her models, Sierra enlisted the help of her photographer father and a few models to have a photo shoot in Vail Village.  The pictures were excellent and we spent some time getting together the images and creating e-blast invitations for the show.

    With a date and time set for the fashion show the ball was rolling. During her next few visits to the office Sierra put together looks and model sequences. With the help of the KK team we tweaked them and made sure they were eye-catching.

    The day before the show Sierra held a dress rehearsal and even more changes were made to the outfits - shoes were shuffled, accessories were added and colors were altered.

    When the show rolled around the next day Sierra had obviously done the work, with woodland decorations, appetizers and a red carpet it was welcoming and elegant atmosphere.

    The high-energy models kept the crowd smiling throughout and did an excellent job showcasing the Krimson Klover line.  It was a great success, job well done Sierra and congratulations on finishing off your senior year with a bang!

    Photos Courtesy of Peter Brill

    Highlighting Our Dealers- Wyoming Outfitters

    Highlighting Our Dealers- Wyoming Outfitters

    Highlighting Our Dealers - Wyoming Outfitters

    Wyoming Outfitters in Jackson Hole is a one-stop shop with everything from home goods and western wear to active wear and fashion forward clothing. Lou Anne Roush and husband Jeff opened Wyoming Outfitters after many years in the retail game. When a spot opened up in a historic building on the Town Square they jumped at the opportunity to start their own venture.
    The husband and wife duo have created a retail space that caters to all your needs and they stand behind every product that they sell.  Wyoming Outfitters has carried Krimson Klover since 2011 and they continue to carry our brand “because the quality is fantastic, the fit is great, and the styles are always unique”.  Lou Anne has quite a few pieces herself and says that she “always feels confident about selling Krimson Klover to [her] customers because [she] knows they will be happy with their purchases and will come back to buy whatever the new season has to offer.”  
    As a loyal dealer and customer of Krimson Klover Lou Anne is loving the Heartbreaker for spring and is very excited for the Bolshevik tunic this fall.  As a brand we appreciate customer feedback, the best customer comment Lou Anne has received about Krimson Klover is “I love this dress because it is classic enough for work, but special enough for a party”. We are thrilled to hear it and we couldn’t agree more.
    If you are looking for a style that can bring you from day to night in Jackson Hole, go check out Wyoming Outfitters for all your mountain living needs.  
    Photo Courtesy of Lou Anne Roush

    Eco Friendly Wool - Fashion With a Conscience

    Eco Friendly Wool - Fashion With a Conscience

    As spring approaches the real wonders of nature peak out from under the snow and the grass turns green.  Spring makes it clear that there is a world out there that needs protecting and nurturing.  At Krimson Klover we take our commitment to the environment seriously, that is one of the many reasons we use high quality, eco friendly wool that is held to the highest of standards.

    Wool is an eco friendly fiber that requires far less processing than other materials used for clothing.  Our wool is sourced from farms that treat their sheep humanely and take animal husbandry practices seriously.  In addition to using ecologically sound practices on the farm, our wool is processed in facilities that are certified not only “for their quality, but also for their compliance with international ecological standards.” From the farm to the factory our wool is an environmentally sound material.

    Not only does our processing have a minimal impact on the environment, wool naturally possesses a variety of other characteristics that make it a sound choice for a green lifestyle. A completely natural fiber, wool will biodegrade when left in the elements, but as far as clothing is concerned it can withstand quite a bit of wear.  As active people with a zest for style we enjoy the fact that wool will hold up wear after wear, so we can slip into our favorite sweater for years to come. Other benefits of wool include that it doesn’t absorb odors making it a great fabric for active wear. It is a breathable material, which allows it to keep you warm when you are cold and cool in the summer.

    Wool has also been gaining traction as a hypoallergenic fiber, as it repels dust mites and absorbs contaminants in indoor air. As we become increasingly conscious of our impact on the environment, wearing really cute and comfortable clothing doesn’t have to drag you down. At Krimson Klover we are making sure we have the sheep, the workers and environment’s best interest in mind and your style doesn’t have to suffer.

    For more information on our wool check out Luxurious Merino Sweaters Begin on the Farm and Biella Yarn  

    Photos Courtesy of: Nora Shaughnessy, Biella Yarn,, Nora Shaughnessy

    The Designer Sweater is Born – The History of Knitwear

    The Designer Sweater is Born – The History of Knitwear

    Knitting is an ancient art that has evolved and transformed from a craft to make household items to a post Industrial Revolution industry focused on fashion and eventually – the designer sweater. It all can be traced back thousands of year, but the actual place and date are a bit of a mystery. Some say 400’s in Egypt some say 700’s elsewhere, but the hard evidence is from the 13th century where artifacts were found in tombs of royal monastery in Europe and especially Spain. More and more knitted fabrics for everyday use began to appear in archeological finds dating items to the 14th century. Then came stockings for women in the 16th century made from wool and even silk for royalty like Queen Elizabeth I. The 17th and 18th centuries were flooded with knitting in the Scottish Isles where the Fair Isle technique of creating patterns with multiple colors began and they went wild with sweaters, socks, hats and more.

    Then came the Industrial Revolution when wool spinning and cloth manufacture increasingly shifted to factories and large-scale machinery. Women worked diligently to produce all kinds of knitted items and the idea of knitwear as sportswear was born. British royalty and the Paris designers brought knits to fashion status with The Prince of Wales began wearing Fair Isle sweaters to golf in and Elsa Schiaparelli, Patou and Chanel mass producing sweaters. By 1933, Pringle of Scotland was making fashionable sweaters of cashmere, and they introduced the twin set shortly thereafter. Designer sweaters have changed and evolved over the past 75 years – going through trends varying from simplicity to elaborate decoration, bold colors, mega patterns and everywhere in between.

    Today some of our favorite sweater designers include Vince, Eileen Fischer, and of course Krimson Klover.

    Click here for more, in-depth history of knitting