We are Committed to Giving Back.

It’s a priority at Krimson Klover.


We believe beauty comes from not only looking good outwardly, but feeling good from the inside. Giving to others is a vital way we nourish our souls. We’re giving back to our community, organizations, causes and the planet through partnerships with organizations that share in our beliefs.

“Giving back is truly what makes the world go around,” Founder & Creative Director Rhonda Swenson says.

Our Work With First Descents


Each year, we partner with First Descents — an amazing organization helping young adults fighting cancer and survivors through outdoor adventures. These experiences empower them to defy their cancer, reclaim their lives, and connect with others doing the same. Every fall collection, we donate 5% of sales from one special garment to support their efforts.

We proudly support First Descents in empowering young adults impacted by cancer to live boldly and adventurously.

Local Partnerships


These are a few of the organizations doing fantastic work that we are proud to partner with each year.