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      Women Who Dare

      We believe fashion, like food, is best when made thoughtfully and with intention. We create pieces with an eye toward the future, clothing that stands the test of time. We craft apparel using luxurious natural fibers from sustainable sources. Our commissioned illustrations and bold designs cloak you in daring. We are women, designing for women, in the majesty of the Rocky Mountains.

      At Krimson Klover, everything we do is inspired by a life well lived. We encourage women to express themselves, live courageously and do the unexpected. We're a group of strong-minded, talented, adventurous women (and a few men). We're as serious about the design details as we are about how and where we play in our apparel. You'll find us on the ski slopes, hiking trails, running paths, SUPing, and kayaking, cycling, camping and adventures we haven't thought up yet.

      We hope to see you out there.                                       

      Rhonda Swenson & River
      Founder & Creative Director
      Gail Ross
      Chief Operating Officer
      Victoire Dumont
      Director of Sales
      Kathy Stacy
      Operations Manager & Customer Service
      Megan Krajco
      Design & Product Manager
      Brooke Begalka
      Product Development Manager
      Marily Melis
      Director of Marketing
      Greta Sievert
      Graphic Design & Marketing Assistant, Customer Service
      VB Traulsen
      Boulder Showroom Sales Associate