Krimson Klover is a business owned and run by women, for women. Our team members don’t just bring our fashion and business expertise to work every day, we also bring our determination, passion and individuality.

We are an intelligent, opinionated, environmentally conscious, strong-willed group of travelers, athletes, dog lovers, introverts, extroverts and more. We wouldn’t be the company we are today without all of the incredible women (and a few men!) who make it that way.

Who We Are

Rhonda Swenson & River

Founder & Creative Director

Gail Ross

Chief Operating Officer

Luisa Harkins & Oscar

Director of Sales

Rachel Hadley

Brand Director

Mark Stanley & Josie

Operations Manager

Kelly Allen

Product Development Manager

Andrea Lewis

Product Manager

Alison VanKempen

Content & Customer Service Manager

Michelle Moyado

Retail Sales Manager