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      Customer Reviews

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      Ghazaleh Nahidi
      Soft, Stylish, Comfortable, Warm

      I am a skier and I own a few of these Krimson Klover tops. I absolutely love them. Every year I buy a new design. I was looking for a black/white and was excited that I found my size here and quickly bought it not realizing the girl is a snowboarder. Doesn't matter, I love it. I love how Krimson changes the design every year and the shirts don't get repeated too much. What I love about this shirt is that it is soft inside and keeps you warm and it doesn't get any sweat smell. Excellent product.

      Simply stunning, comfortable & long enough

      The Powder Days Baselayer Top in Indigo is absolutely gorgeous with the chic girl snowboarding design! It is difficult to find cute winter tops that are not all skiing, and this one is truly the icing on the cake and is an eye catcher for all you snowboarders! The top also pairs elegantly with the leggings.

      The fit is very comfortable and the material is good quality that doesn’t rub or create any chafing or itchiness. The top is slimming without being tight or baggy and there is room and stretch for those with curves. Overall the top compliments your body regardless of shape and it is not boxy or awkward fitting. The sleeves are long enough and slim but not tight. Being 5“9 and 120 lbs athletic (and awesome mom of little boys) it is extremely hard to find XS base layers that a long enough and comfortable. The sleeves on this top end at my wrists perfectly and the inseam is also long enough. Finally an amazing quality item that doesn’t look like I’m squeezing myself into a petite size like most XS base layers do to us tall ladies. The top moves easily with your body. It is perfect for a day on the slopes, sipping hot chocolate by the fire, walking around town, or doing your own thing. No complaints, maybe in the future they can make another cute top with thumb holes too. Clearly great detailed time and thought was put into the creation of this impressive top.

      Also kuddos to Krimson Klover for thinking of the military and those that support the military by shipping their beautiful products to those of us stationed overseas at military bases around the world. I was worried my item would take 6-8 weeks to arrive, but it arrived to my APO mailing address within a week and half of ordering during the pandemic. That’s amazing! Also, their Customer Service quickly responded to my email inquiry. This was my first purchase and I can’t wait to order more Krimson Klover products, and to be stylish & comfortable while carving it up in the Alps this season!