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      Live Boldly Blog — Women for Women

      Bike Life: Find Balance and Keep Pedaling

      Bike Life: Find Balance and Keep Pedaling

      Krimson Klover makes beautiful, everyday clothes for real women whose busy lives are filled with adventure and purpose. These ladies converge at the intersection of passion, talent and giving. They are women supporting women. They are women making an impact. That said, we think it's important to honor these women in all of their bold pursuits and tell the story of  how they are affecting real change from their backyard to the boardroom and doing it in style. These are the women for whom Krimson Klover exists.

      Meet Becca Heaton: Krimson Klover "spokes"person and bike enthusiast.

      The Earth moved the day Becca Heaton's mom gave her a 10-speed bike when she was just twelve years old. Adventures to neighboring New England towns began and her passion for cycling was ignited. It blossomed into road, mountain and cyclo-cross biking as well as long-distance touring, and eventually advocacy. In 2014 Becca helped start BikeLife Cities, a program that promotes biking in cities across the country. It began in response to Americans wanting a lifestyle less centered around driving and commuting – thus an influx of people moving back to urban centers and utilizing bikes as their main mode of transportation.

      BikeLife Cities provides information and resources on safe bike routes and lanes, tips on riding, great gear, shops, bike groups and more, through their website and bi-annual magazine. It isn’t about spandex clad athletes doing intervals on bikes, it is about everyday people that want to make cycling a part of their everyday life. Speaking to women is important for BikeLife Cities for they are typically household decision makers and are concerned with the safety of their kids. From families to millennials – their goal is simply to get more people on bikes…and its working! They are currently in 11 cities and have 5 more ready to jump in. Becca is at the helm of all content creation and distribution as well as developing the program in new cities. Her background in outdoor, health, wellness and sport journalism with Women’s Adventure and Competitor magazines make this a perfect fit.

      Top 4 places you’d rather be?

      • Alaska – exploring the insanely special, wild backcountry
      • Austria and Switzerland – relishing in the magnificent mountains
      • Iceland – to visit family and, you guessed it, enjoy the natural beauty
      • Island – Any island as long as it is remote with crystal clear water

      What is your go-to outfit?

      • I love bohemian chic clothing that has a soft, flowy feeling to it. The KK’s Wildflower Waltz open cardigan fits this perfectly. It feels good, is fun and stylish, versatile and can be thrown on over my go-to outfit of skinny jeans, clogs, and a super soft t-shirt.

      Morning person or night person?

      • They don’t call our exercise group the morning girls for nothing! Up at 6 am. Meet the girls at 6:30 for a hike, bike or yoga class. Then a quick get ready and off to work.

      Best advice ever given to you?

      • Can’t change the past, can’t change the future, so live today.

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      Highlight- MTN Town Magazine

      Highlight- MTN Town Magazine

      Its that time of year, to give thanks to people that have helped you. From the get-go MTN Town magazine has supported Krimson Klover and it is time that we recognized all the good things they do.

      From the humble beginning as a simple blog highlighting the amazing mountains in Colorado, Holly Batista-Resignolo has grown her online presence into a magazine. She set out with the goal of producing a blog that had the look and feel of a paper magazine and was asked repeatedly to take it to print. This winter MTN Town Magazine will be putting out their 4th issue that is distributed all over Colorado – including the beloved REI stores!

      As a mother to 3, Holly has always tried to hire people who have to work from home in the mountain communities they love. The publication has a goal of highlighting mountain towns and their excellent eateries, amazing residents, and incredible activities. We’d say she has done an amazing job! Whether you are after taking a tour of a historic area, skiing and riding, hiking, biking, eating at a great restaurant, or fly fishing on a scenic river, MTN Town is there to help you find the perfect place.

      Holly targets readers that enjoy the mountains and all the incredible things they have to offer. Holly hopes to “continue to grow [the publication] as a recognized resource for the mountain enthusiast” and we’d say she is well on her way!

      We love working with MTN Town and we look forward to reading the newest edition!


      Krimson Klover Fashion Show Recap

      Krimson Klover Fashion Show Recap

      Sierra Brill, Vail Mountain School student, approached our owner, Rhonda Swenson, at the beginning of the semester with a goal of putting on a Krimson Klover fashion show for her senior project. As part of her project she would also intern with us at the office to learn the day-to-day operations of a fashion manufacturer.

      On her first day as an intern Sierra helped us create knitting specifications for the Fall ’13 sweater samples. While this is a long and rather cumbersome process she later said that “for someone enchanted by fashion it was really exciting to learn about how design works.”

      With a task like putting together a fashion show, there is a lot of work that must be done. After meeting with the KK team she had checklist of what needed to happen in order to pull off the event.

      After locking down her models, Sierra enlisted the help of her photographer father and a few models to have a photo shoot in Vail Village.  The pictures were excellent and we spent some time getting together the images and creating e-blast invitations for the show.

      With a date and time set for the fashion show the ball was rolling. During her next few visits to the office Sierra put together looks and model sequences. With the help of the KK team we tweaked them and made sure they were eye-catching.

      The day before the show Sierra held a dress rehearsal and even more changes were made to the outfits - shoes were shuffled, accessories were added and colors were altered.

      When the show rolled around the next day Sierra had obviously done the work, with woodland decorations, appetizers and a red carpet it was welcoming and elegant atmosphere.

      The high-energy models kept the crowd smiling throughout and did an excellent job showcasing the Krimson Klover line.  It was a great success, job well done Sierra and congratulations on finishing off your senior year with a bang!

      Photos Courtesy of Peter Brill