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      Live Boldly Blog — Women Crush Wednesday

      #WCW -- Olympic Dreams

      #WCW -- Olympic Dreams

      We already miss watching the Winter Olympic Games every night.  Today's #WCW are all of the women who lived their dreams in PyeongChang!  All of the women who competed (no matter what country they're competing) are inspiring us to #liveboldy!  We're over the top proud of the USA women in particular, who for the first time in 20 years out medaled their male counterparts!

      Mirai Nagasu, the first American woman to land a triple axel at the Olympics.  She is as graceful as she's strong.

      17-year old Chloe Kim made a gold medal performance in the women's snowboarding halfpipe competition.  She is the youngest gold medalist in that event and the first female to land consecutive 1080s in the halfpipe at the Olympics.

      She even scored a whopping 98.25, which was 8.5 points more than the silver medalist.

      Jessica Diggins and Kikkan Randall win the first American gold medal in the women's team spring freestyle cross-country skiing final.  Not only is this America's first gold medal in this race, but the first medal of any kind in women's cross -country.

      Not only were they the most spirited with glittered up face paint, but their passion and spunk shine brighter than the glitter.

      There was a lot of hype and talk of redemption for the US Women's Hockey team, and the final gold medal match against rivals Canada (four-time defending Olympic champions) did not disappoint.

      With an exciting-nail-biter-over-time-shoot-out, they won gold 3-2.

      We may actually love them more for fighting USA Hockey for better pay and work conditions...which they did receive pretty good pay raises.  These women are definitely changing the game for all of us.

      Heather Bergsma, Brittany Bowe, Mia Mangenello, and Carlijn Schoutens were the only medalists for the US in speedskating.  They took home the bronze in the team pursuit event.  They won the first women's speed skating medal for the US in 16 years, beating the Canadians by only 0.45 seconds.  They skated their hearts out and made us proud.

      Elana Meyers Taylor and Lauren Gibbs had a silver medal performance in the two-woman bobsled, marking the fifth time in as many winter gams the US has medaled in this event.  A second US  team piloted by Jamie Greubel Poser finished fifth.  The US Women's bobsled team is a celebration of women athletes of all shapes, sizes, and color.

      Jamie Anderson became the first female snowboarder to take home two medals from one winter games.  She took home gold in the slopestyle finals.  Three days later in a new event, Jamie landed a front-side 1080, one of the sport's toughest maneuvers, giving her enough points for a silver medal behind Austria.  Jamie joins Shawn White and Kelly Clark as the only athletes to take home three Olympic medals in snowboarding.

      Mikaela Shiffrin was the big medal winner from our home state of Colorado, She won gold in the giant slalom and won a silver medal in the alpine combined.  She's 22 now, and at 18 she became the youngest Olympic slalom gold meldalist.

      Lindsey Vonn, came back from injury, won bronze in the women's downhill skiing competition.  Not only is she a four-time Olympian and World Champion, but at 33 she is the oldest female Alpine skiing medalist in Olympic history.

      Needless to say, we are very inspired and in awe of all the talent, hard work and passion we witnessed at the winter games this year.

      Go out and live your BOLD.  #liveboldly

      #WCW -- Dawn Doty

      #WCW -- Dawn Doty

      This week's #WCW comes from our intern, Emma. 

      Dawn Doty is one of my teachers at CU (has been for three semesters!) and is actually my faculty advisor for my Krimson Klover internship. I really look up to her and value her opinions and work ethic.

      "As an undergraduate years ago, I first wanted to be a teacher. While I quickly changed my major to communication, little did I know that my passion for learning and educating would be a key part of my success as a communication professional. Now, after an extensive PR career, I joined the University of Colorado - Boulder as a faculty member to teach public relations."  -- Dawn

      Dawn Doty joined CMCI as a full-time public relations instructor in August 2016. Before joining CU Boulder, she worked as partner and vice president at Denver-based Linhart Public Relations where she earned a reputation as an energizing, creative and no-nonsense leader who cares deeply for her team and clients. Her clients included Chipotle, Crocs, General Mills, Southwest Airlines, and the U.S. Air Force Academy, to name a few.

      What is your day job? My current dream job -- teaching Public Relations at the University of Colorado - Boulder

      Favorite Hobby: Actual travel or planning my next adventure to explore a new place.

      Who has inspired you lately? Why? Olympic skier Mikaela Shiffrin for saying, "Stop shying away from your ambitions. Work toward it."

      Who do you hope to inspire? Anyone who needs it at the time they need it at the time I'm with them.

      How do you #liveboldly? I #BelieveBoldly.

      What are you most excited for in 2018? Two things: simple everyday-ness and an adventure to Morocco followed by a yet-undetermined place before heading on to Georgia and Armenia.

      To connect with Dawn, you can find her on LinkedIn.

      #WCW -- Caroline Gleich

      #WCW -- Caroline Gleich

      Today's #wcw is Caroline Gleich, we don't know her personally, but we are inspired and in awe of her awesomeness. Check out how she went out to achieve her goal of skiing all 90 ski mountaineering lines across Utah's Wasatch Mountains, known as The Chuting Gallery. She is only the 4th person and 1st woman to do so!

      February 7 (Today) is also National Girls & Women in Sports Day. The 2018 theme is “Play Fair, Play IX.” today is a time to celebrate the extraordinary achievements in girls and women’s sports and the positive influence athletic participation brings to their lives. And as they say, we still have a long way to go baby!

      #WCW -- Rachel Lubanowski & Tanja Leonard

      Our #wcw this week is a Dynamic Duo, here in Boulder, CO.  They organize and execute Recycled Runway put on by the Common Threads Creative Lab.  If you've not heard of Recycled Runway, Project Runway meets Boulder tweens and outfits made entirely of recycled materials.  Watch the video from last year here. Participants design, troubleshoot & create original garments from found materials, as well as present them in a professional runway show & competition at the Boulder Theater.  In addition, they both are able to use their creative talents and love for fashion at Common Threads Boulder.

      Common Threads is a unique boutique founded in 2007 that combines higher end consignment, new garments and the creative lab.

      Rachel Lubanowski

      What is your day job? I am the store manager & social media designer at Common Threads in Boulder.

      Favorite Hobby/Sports: I love to keep a balance of active & chill: Hiking, dancing, seeing live music, seeking out natural hot springs, organizing (nerd alert!) & creating in my studio for my side project, grey tangerine.

      Who has inspired you lately? why? Lately, a few of my close, dear girlfriends have been *extra* inspiring. They're fellow artists with very different paths & I am in absolute awe of their creativity, honesty (with themselves & their art), strength, experiences & friendship!

      Who do you hope to inspire? Anyone! If I inspire one person, that will make me incredibly happy.

      How do you #liveboldly? I live boldly by being confident in my decisions & for what I believe in, supporting other artisans (I LOVE to support other makers & small business owners!) & getting out to explore this stunning world (& state) we live in!

      What are you most excited for in 2018? I am most excited for a few (secret) artistic projects that I have in the works, potentially a bit of travel & the oh-so-evident change. I love how each year is so different & full of growth!

      Tanja Leonard

      What is your day job? Teaching sewing/knitting and book keeping

      Favorite Hobby: Anything to do with making things, sewing, knitting, weaving, spinning, cross stitch.

      Who has inspired you lately? why? I am abundantly inspired by both of my daughters; Samantha (22 yrs) in med school and Audrey (19 yrs) at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Both girls have been very focused on their goals and are diligently working towards achieving those goals.

      Who do you hope to inspire? I hope to inspire today's young people to put away their media gadgets and get creative with their hands and their minds. While we can use technology to make projects and our lives easier, I strongly believe in the benefits of being creative with our hands.

      How do you #liveboldly? I jump into new opportunities and I don't hold back! What are you most excited for in 2018? I am excted to have the opportunity to again work with so many young people, be it through teaching sewing and Recycled Runway or through volunteering with Blue Sky Bridge and teaching kids about body safety and trusting their instincts. We all have the opportunity to make our world better, one person at a time.

      Follow these fashion mavens, on the following social channels:

      Common Threads Boulder: Web, Insta, Facebook

      Recycled Runway: Web, Instagram,

      Facebook (Tanja's Day Job) Common Threads Creative Lab: Web

      (Rachel's Side Hustle) Grey Tangerine: Web, Instagram, Facebook

      #WCW -- Gina Bégin

      #WCW -- Gina Bégin

      Our #wcw this week is Outdoor Women's Alliance Founder Gina Bégin.  If you'd like to learn more about OWA and Gina, take a listen to this awesome podcast from our friend Kristen Carpenter-Ogden, found here.

      What is your day job?

      As the founder, I volunteer with Outdoor Women's Alliance (OWA) 40-60 hours a week (no pay), so I would say that that is my day work. ;) However, to make ends meet, I am a freelance writer and occasional photographer for my stories and other freelance photography projects. I've written for various magazines and online publications, such as Outside Magazine, Huffington Post, Mountain Magazine, etc., but with trying to strike a work-life balance, I've focused my writing down to just two clients and spend the rest of my time with my co-volunteers and community at OWA.

      Favorite Hobby/Sports:

      Sports: I've been struggling with a major injury in 2014 that wasn't corrected due to medical malpractice. It changed my life drastically, especially as the founder of an outdoor-focused nonprofit. The uninjured, healthy version of me would immediately claim skiing and rock climbing, with ice climbing, whitewater kayaking and mountain biking as follow ups. Right now, though, I'm happy just to get outdoors at all in any form. I'm trying to get into cross country skiing—something I thought I'd never be into because I always preferred moving downhill on skis—but found with the injury that I can take it at my own pace. It's nice because with my other sports, I still expect my body to perform at the level it used to and my mind has a hard time dealing with the fact that my body isn't functioning the same anymore. With trying a new sport, I don't get frustrated by those expectations.

      Hobby: I grew up in Florida and was a hip hop dancer through high school, performing on a Florida T.V. dance show as a dancer and working as the choreographer of my own dance team. I still love hip hop dancing with friends, but living in my small town in Canada, there aren't as many opportunities.

      Who has inspired you lately? Why?

      My twin brother and sister-in-law. The next generation has always been a huge focus in my life and as a goal with OWA's future programming. My brother and sister-in-law are the ideal of selflessness and patience, always putting their large family of little ones first, even before work and always before their own needs. I'm awed by their dedication to family, working hard to provide them with new experiences and hands-on learning opportunities, and with their unending patience and excitement over the littlest things the kids want to show them (which is constant! :).

      At least in my experience working with youth in Florida, many kids don't have this kind of upbringing—parents either had their own agenda or worked multiple jobs to make ends meet. But I would love to help more youth have it in their life, even when they can't experience at home. My brother and sister-in-law are an example of the hope I started OWA with—programming that would emulate that kind attention, hands-on learning and growth for kids; especially young women.

      Who do you hope to inspire?

      Eventually, my own children, if I'm lucky enough to have any. But either way, the next generation of young women. In youth, I see the "seeking for common ground" understanding that all youth seem to have, but that so many of us lose along our path to adulthood—especially now with the bickering and holier-than-thou opinions that occur on social media channels. Our generation seems to have forgotten that there are many views on life, many life experiences that shape those views, and because of that, each person's idea of a subject is correct to them for a reason. Putting others down and being the loudest "shouter" has never done anything to change a belief system. Understanding and humble examples have.

      I see that promise in youth, as long as they can hold onto the common-ground approach to relationships with their fellow human beings. I try to foster that feeling in conversations within OWA.

      How do you #liveboldly?

      Quietly.  For a long time, my personal social channels were super active, and I enjoyed getting out there and sharing what I was doing. But after working professionally in social media marketing for years and seeing the rise of "influencer" campaigns, even being sought out by major outdoor companies as an influencer for their marketing purposes, I just felt, well, hollow. Social media started feeling very self-centered, so a couple of years ago I cut my my personal social media use down by probably 90-95% and rolled that time to focusing on social media at OWA. At OWA, it's always been the mission to highlight what others are doing, especially the "every day" women, and it feels much more fulfilling than promoting myself. I want to use my organization's platform to help as many women as possible in our community, from the oceans of my Florida home state to the volcanic mountains of Indonesia, have a moment where they feel special and recognized for their adventures and abilities.

      What are you most excited for in 2018?

      Launching our expanded Grassroots Program, an extension of our Grassroots Teams at OWA. We've had a lot of hiccups along the way, since we're all volunteers at OWA and trying to build something that hadn't been created before. Once it's ready, we'll be able to deliver on something that's been requested of our Grassroots Program for years at OWA—the ability to for women to create local adventure communities even outside of our regional teams.

      You can follow Outdoor Women's Alliance on all of your favorite social channels.

      @outdoorwomen on Instagram and Pinterest, @womenoutdoors on Twitter