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      Live Boldly Blog — Spring 2013

      Krimson Klover Will Get You Through The Spring In Style

      Krimson Klover Will Get You Through The Spring In Style

      Krimson Klover Will Get You Through The Spring In Style

      It may still be winter at home in the Rockies where Krimson Klover comes to life, but that doesn’t keep us from looking forward to warmer weather and spring fashion!

      Bright Colors

      With the rest of the world, we are looking forward to bright colors, breezy fabrics and showing a little bit more skin… and maybe some temperatures in the double digits.

      As models walked the Spring 2013 runways, macramé and cutout clothing were everywhere. We might not be ready to bear our midriffs, but in the Penelope and Mayflower sweaters you can show a little skin and stay on trend with everyone from LA to New York. This fun texture play is the perfect way to transition your style from all bundled up to breezy layers just in time for spring.

      Stripes are back for another season and Krimson Klover has got stripes of all sorts. For the traditional stripe there is the Little Dipper top - comfortable and lightweight, easy to wear from spring to summer. For an abstract take on stripes in vibrant colors we have such styles as the Atypical Situation and the Heart Breaker. These fresh new takes on stripes will add interest to any outfit, and will be the perfect staple for spring fashion, as well as, a summer cover-up after watching the sun sink behind the mountains.

      Tory Burch and Donna Karan proved that “lady like” is very in this season, with a bit of a sporty side. To bring your own laid back “lady like” attitude to your style try the Curves Ahead dress. It’s a perfect combination of feminine and easy to wear.  Available in the of-the-moment color Smokey Blue (one of Pantone’s 10 top colors of the season), a classic graphite and Sangria, because a red dress will never go out of style.

      So go ahead embrace the trends in designer knitwear that you can trust, Krimson Klover has got you covered!