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      Live Boldly Blog — Outdoor Retailer

      Behind the Scenes: Snow Show 2019

      Behind the Scenes: Snow Show 2019

      Krimson Klover headed a few miles southeast from Boulder to Denver at the end of January to the Snow Show. It was a busy, yet fun couple of days for our team showing off the next fall collection to our retailers and other businesses in the outdoor and ski industries. The Snow Show was the first trade show of 2019 that Krimson Klover attended. Outdoor Retailer is one of the leading business-to-business outdoor sports show where industry brands, retailers, reps, suppliers and leaders gather.

      (Above) Snow Show was held at Colorado Convention Center in the heart of downtown Denver.

      At Outdoor Retailer Snow Show, Krimson Klover did everything from writing new orders to meeting new accounts and making new connections. OR is where the new happens. And with its conferences, training sessions, leadership seminars and educational opportunities, the show is a great event for Krimson Klover each year!

      (Above) Krimson Klover picked out some of next fall's favorites to dress the mannequins.

      A lot of planning went into this 3 day show, from which sweaters to put on the display mannequins for a great first impression, down to when the Krimson Klover Team took their lunch break! It was an “all hands on deck” event. Even one of our office dogs was put to work, greeting our guests and grabbing passerby’s attention.

      (Above)  Fall 19 collection features new original artworks as well as this past season's favorites on base layers, vests, and accessories.

      One of the highlights of any show is hearing the retailers’ first reactions to the new collection. We share in their excitement for bold patterns, textures and colors that are uniquely Krimson Klover. Distinctive patterns, vintage inspired original artwork, and seamless knits make this new collection stand out and our new performance fabrics ensure that the pieces stand up to your active lifestyle.

      At the end of the show, we were all a bit tired from all the action, especially our little greeter, Koa.

      Look for Krimson Klover Fall 19 to hit the stores and the website in August. In the meantime, let's think Spring - coming very soon!

      Krimson Klover Trade Show Wrap Up

      Krimson Klover Trade Show Wrap Up

      Krimson Klover recently wrapped up another trade show season and we're pleased to report that our three major shows, Outdoor Retailer, SIA Snow Show and Stitch were all a huge success.

      Our Fall 2015 line made its debut at the Outdoor Retailer trade show in Salt Lake City, Utah.

      Latest Krimson Klover Collection

      Trade shows are not only a great opportunity to show off the latest Krimson Klover collection, but it's also a nice way to meet our dealers, reps and colleagues across different industries and markets. As a first time trade show attendee, I welcomed the chance to put faces with names and get acquainted with the people that truly make Krimson Klover a success.

      Retailers Stopping By Booth

      These trade shows allow retailers to stop by the Krimson Klover booth and preview the line in order to decide what pieces will appeal to their customer. It's always exciting for us to see the reactions of the dealers and determine which pieces we nailed for the upcoming season. The response to this year's Fall line was overwhelmingly positive and we are thrilled that our collection can get people excited for yet another long winter.

      The "Conquering the Elements" fashion show at Outdoor Retailer was a fun kick off to the show and the Krimson Klover pieces looked great coming down the runway.

      Sleigh Ride

      (Older post contained links to the 2015 OR Fashion Show and Look Book)Check out this video of the fashion show and don't miss the Krimson Klover Sleigh Ride Sweater at 52 seconds in! And follow this link to view the OR Fashion Show Look Book.

      Specializing in Luxury Fibers

      Krimson Klover specializes in luxury fibers and beautiful patterns so it's not enough to simply see the garments in a catalog or on the mannequin. We invite people to get up close, feel how soft the wool is and mix and match the pieces to create a color story that their customer will love.

      Merino wool, pima cotton/silk and cashmere make this new collection stand out and our new performance wool ensures that the pieces stand up to your active lifestyle.

      Look! It's Krimson Klover on the cover of the SIA Snow Show Daily (bottom right).

      There is no doubt that we impressed the folks in the outdoor and snow sport industries with our vintage inspired ski sweaters, hand-painted base layers and our new performance wool blends, but we wondered how some of our sportier styles would resonate at Stitch which boasts a more contemporary style.

      In the end, it turns out that Krimson Klover is a brand that appeals to many women. The Krimson Klover woman loves her ski boots as much as her designer handbag and is at the same time an adventurer and a trendsetter. We are confident that this collection is perfect for powder days, date nights and everything in between.

      Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello and check out the Fall '15 collection. A BIG thanks to everyone who helped us out both at the show and behind the scenes. Look for Krimson Klover Fall '15 to hit the stores and the website in August. In the meantime, let's think Spring! Go to to check out our new website and the Spring 2015 collection.

      Krimson Klover at Outdoor Retailer and Snow Show Recap

      Krimson Klover at Outdoor Retailer and Snow Show Recap

      As we enter our fifth year of production Krimson Klover is making it’s name known. Holding true to our roots, the Fall ‘14 line is full of luxurious fibers, specialty yarns and bold colors. We have taken our love of sweaters and evolved our brand to push the boundaries of the sweater as you know it. Krimson Klover is putting its name out there to the world as brand you want to wear for sophisticated, practical elegance, that is sure to get you compliments.

      Our dealers were ecstatic about the Fall ‘14 line. Our jacquards are ever present with additions of vibrant indigo, bordeaux, aubergine, and nutmeg. The rich warm colors are right on trend for all you fashionistas. Our sport collection is packed with stark black and whites accented with red, brilliant sherbert orange, grass green and bright blue.

      The eye catching displays lead customers, both new and old, into our booth at Outdoor Retailer.

      At the SIA Snow Show, Mother Nature put everyone in the mood for sweaters. As snow piled up outside we were busy showing off our newest threads.

      Thank you to Outdoor Retailer and the Ski Industry Association for putting on fantastic shows! We love all out outdoor enthusiast friends and look forward to seeing you next year!

      Highlight- MTN Town Magazine

      Highlight- MTN Town Magazine

      Its that time of year, to give thanks to people that have helped you. From the get-go MTN Town magazine has supported Krimson Klover and it is time that we recognized all the good things they do.

      From the humble beginning as a simple blog highlighting the amazing mountains in Colorado, Holly Batista-Resignolo has grown her online presence into a magazine. She set out with the goal of producing a blog that had the look and feel of a paper magazine and was asked repeatedly to take it to print. This winter MTN Town Magazine will be putting out their 4th issue that is distributed all over Colorado – including the beloved REI stores!

      As a mother to 3, Holly has always tried to hire people who have to work from home in the mountain communities they love. The publication has a goal of highlighting mountain towns and their excellent eateries, amazing residents, and incredible activities. We’d say she has done an amazing job! Whether you are after taking a tour of a historic area, skiing and riding, hiking, biking, eating at a great restaurant, or fly fishing on a scenic river, MTN Town is there to help you find the perfect place.

      Holly targets readers that enjoy the mountains and all the incredible things they have to offer. Holly hopes to “continue to grow [the publication] as a recognized resource for the mountain enthusiast” and we’d say she is well on her way!

      We love working with MTN Town and we look forward to reading the newest edition!


      Fall 2013 Styles to Get Excited About

      Fall 2013 Styles to Get Excited About

      Fall 2013 Styles to Get Excited About

      SIA and OR were a success for the KK team.

      Everyone was coming to check out our new booth, chock full of amazing ultra fine merino dresses, skirts, sweaters and accessories.

      Bolshevik sweaters and Ridley skirts

      The space dye trend is still on fire, as far as, top sellers you can look forward to wearing the Bolshevik tunic sweaters and Ridley skirts. Both fabulous warm chunky knits are available in three colors. These designer knitwear pieces will pair perfectly with leggings or our great Cable tights.

      Our patterned skirts were also top sellers at the shows, they pair so well with our Stripe in Time turtlenecks for a fresh mixed pattern look or with the Skye turtlenecks for a more subdued, but equally chic look.  Personally, I can’t wait to rock the sassy and chic patterns next winter.

      Merino wool sweaters

      Merino wool has never looked so good and the crowds agree. The Lola Grey-straight off the runway- was a big hit, with its flattering tunic shape and bold geometric pattern. This dress is a perfect day-to-night piece.

      Space Dye Trend

      Krimson Klover brought the space dye trend over to the sporty side with the Cool Cat zip up sweater.  Après attire will be a cinch in the fresh fun colors that coordinate seamlessly with the bright hues seen in ski wear for Fall ’13. 



      Keeping with the obsession with accessories, we really upped the anti on our line up this year with tons of printed tights and fun socks, as well as, exciting and fashion forward scarves. Come fall we can bundle up in style.

      We are so excited for these fantastic designs to hit the racks in August!