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    Live Boldly Blog — Local

    Krimson Klover, Learn to Ski and Snowboard and the Bring a Friend Challenge.

    Krimson Klover, Learn to Ski and Snowboard and the Bring a Friend Challenge.

    Do you remember who introduced you to your favorite hobby or sport? Perhaps sports were a part of your active lifestyle from the time you were a small child (thanks Mom and Dad!). Maybe it was a good friend who turned you onto skiing or snowboarding, or perhaps you discovered your love for the slopes all on your own. Whoever gets the credit for your snow sport debut, we hope that you pay it forward by introducing someone you know and love to this rewarding life sport. After all "Humans were never meant to hibernate."

    That's the big idea behind the Bring a Friend Challenge put on by the Learn to Ski and Snowboard Initiative. Each year during the month of January, this awesome organization teams up with the ski and snowboard industry to encourage children and adults to sign up for their first ski or snowboard lesson. According to Mary Jo Tarallo, Executive Director of Learn to Ski and Snowboard, 94% of people who take up skiing or snowboarding do so through a friend or family member.

    This year was a first for the #firstdayfaces campaign and the Bring a Friend Challenge where newcomers to the sport could post pics of their first lessons and enter to win prizes. This is where Krimson Klover comes in! We donated a $500 prize to the campaign and we wanted to give a big shout out to the winner and her family.

    We'd like to you to meet Tony and Stacie Cerretti and their two adventurous little girls, Mia (5) and Franki (3).

    According to Stacie, "Tony is the big skier in the family" and the one that encouraged his girls (Stacie included) to take their first lesson. Way to go Tony! Stacie was ready with the ol' smartphone and captured Mia and Franki and their big grins as they showed off their best "french fry" and "pizza". Nice work girls!

    “We wanted ‘First Day Faces’ to show the breadth of people who start skiing or snowboarding and our entries came from all over the country,” said Mary Jo Tarallo, director for the Learn to Ski and Snowboard (Month)/Bring a Friend initiative.

    A big thanks to the Cerrettis for making skiing a family affair and a huge thanks to Mary Jo and the Learn to Ski and Snowboard/Bring a Friend Initiative for encouraging the future of snow sports.

    Look out Lindsay Vonn, here come the Cerretti sisters! Here's to many more family ski vacations in the years to come. Oh, and look for Stacie sporting her new Krimson Klover wardrobe.

    Summer Skin- Enjoying life to its fullest!

    Summer Skin- Enjoying life to its fullest!

    As we move into summer, long hikes, climbing trips and mountain bike rides become the focus of our free time. Exploring local and far away destinations gives us the opportunity to expand our horizons. The temperatures rise and we shed our layers. This year I am going to let my sun-kissed skin give way to a new, carefree confidence.

    Magazines and blogs prompt us to “get into bikini shape.” I, for one, do not want to spend another summer stressed that my abs are not flat, there is a bit of cellulite right there and a little bulge I hate right here, oh and “my thighs touch!”
    Photo Courtesy Of:

    This body has gotten me up to the top of full day climbs, through 3-month backpacking trips, and through every grueling workout you can think of. This body does not deserve to starve and it does not deserve harsh criticism, a criticism that is probably brought on more by my own head and the ideals of “what we are supposed to look like” than reality.

    Photo Courtesy Of:

    This summer I vow to cherish and fuel myself as I see fit. I am definitely wearing a bikini and I wonder if, for once, I do not try to hide my stomach, what will happen? In this day and age we work hard for our physiques, but we hardly ever praise them.  I will not feel guilty about the cake I eat at my friends wedding, I won’t even justify it with the dignity of explaining that I eat nutritiously the rest of the time.

    This is a summer for living, life is short and it would be a shame to be at war with the vessel that gets me through the day. This summer let’s all give ourselves a little break; as active, vibrant women we eat well, we are athletic and work hard. Spanx are painful and I think many will agree with me, that you are far sexier without bike shorts on under your dress.  Sure, I may not look like a Victoria’s Secret model, but I have no desire to be a model, so I will continue to pursue my favorite activities and give these thighs a little credit. You look like you love your life ladies and if we shed our body hang ups there will be so much more to put our minds toward.

    Cheers to a summer devoted to enjoying life to its fullest!

    Bike Life: Find Balance and Keep Pedaling

    Bike Life: Find Balance and Keep Pedaling

    Krimson Klover makes beautiful, everyday clothes for real women whose busy lives are filled with adventure and purpose. These ladies converge at the intersection of passion, talent and giving. They are women supporting women. They are women making an impact. That said, we think it's important to honor these women in all of their bold pursuits and tell the story of  how they are affecting real change from their backyard to the boardroom and doing it in style. These are the women for whom Krimson Klover exists.

    Meet Becca Heaton: Krimson Klover "spokes"person and bike enthusiast.

    The Earth moved the day Becca Heaton's mom gave her a 10-speed bike when she was just twelve years old. Adventures to neighboring New England towns began and her passion for cycling was ignited. It blossomed into road, mountain and cyclo-cross biking as well as long-distance touring, and eventually advocacy. In 2014 Becca helped start BikeLife Cities, a program that promotes biking in cities across the country. It began in response to Americans wanting a lifestyle less centered around driving and commuting – thus an influx of people moving back to urban centers and utilizing bikes as their main mode of transportation.

    BikeLife Cities provides information and resources on safe bike routes and lanes, tips on riding, great gear, shops, bike groups and more, through their website and bi-annual magazine. It isn’t about spandex clad athletes doing intervals on bikes, it is about everyday people that want to make cycling a part of their everyday life. Speaking to women is important for BikeLife Cities for they are typically household decision makers and are concerned with the safety of their kids. From families to millennials – their goal is simply to get more people on bikes…and its working! They are currently in 11 cities and have 5 more ready to jump in. Becca is at the helm of all content creation and distribution as well as developing the program in new cities. Her background in outdoor, health, wellness and sport journalism with Women’s Adventure and Competitor magazines make this a perfect fit.

    Top 4 places you’d rather be?

    • Alaska – exploring the insanely special, wild backcountry
    • Austria and Switzerland – relishing in the magnificent mountains
    • Iceland – to visit family and, you guessed it, enjoy the natural beauty
    • Island – Any island as long as it is remote with crystal clear water

    What is your go-to outfit?

    • I love bohemian chic clothing that has a soft, flowy feeling to it. The KK’s Wildflower Waltz open cardigan fits this perfectly. It feels good, is fun and stylish, versatile and can be thrown on over my go-to outfit of skinny jeans, clogs, and a super soft t-shirt.

    Morning person or night person?

    • They don’t call our exercise group the morning girls for nothing! Up at 6 am. Meet the girls at 6:30 for a hike, bike or yoga class. Then a quick get ready and off to work.

    Best advice ever given to you?

    • Can’t change the past, can’t change the future, so live today.

    Follow us on Instagram @krimsonklover and show us your #everydayKK

    Spring Break: Colorado and Beyond

    Spring Break: Colorado and Beyond

    Whether you are after spring skiing, a spa getaway or desert sun, Colorado offers it all.

    Spring has the kid in all of us longing for a spring break. Even if you can only afford a weekend off, it is time to make the most of spring with a brief staycation.

    Photo Credit:

    Spring skiing is here.  The Rockies have had a great snow season; you are just as likely to have a powder day as a sunny bluebird day this spring. Head for the hills to take in the snow one last time.  A mere 2-hour drive from Denver, Vail is the perfect place to play in the snow and indulge in good food.  Starting the weekend of April 11th through closing day April 20th “Spring Back to Vail” offers various festivities, including free concerts from Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, STS9 and Steel Pulse and the annual pond skimming competition.

    Photo Credit:

    Colorado Springs is another great place to getaway this spring.  A weekend at the Broadmoor Hotel will give you the calm you have been craving. Grab a few girlfriends for the Women’s Wellness Retreat May 1st- 4th. Spend the morning hiking and doing yoga, choose from a variety of day time lectures on the healthy living and wrap up your day with a cooking demonstration and a delicious healthy meal.  The relaxing retreat will have you back on track in time for the sunny months and give you the calm you need to tackle work with a clear head.

    Photo Credit:

    If you are craving the sun, head west to Utah for a change of scenery. Moab is sunny, warm and ripe for outdoor adventures.  Bring your bike to explore the extensive trails, climb up the sandstone towers or hike to your hearts content. Home to Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park, there is plenty keep you occupied. The desert is the perfect way to get a tan and ready yourself for spring. You may comeback tired, but you will surely be reinvigorated for your workweek!

    Whatever your weekend can afford you, the Colorado (and Utah) spring is an excellent time to get outside and enjoy the change of seasons.  We all need a little R&R now and then and the Broadmoor will certainly get you prepared to take on spring with a rejuvenated spirit.

    Farm to Table

    Farm to Table

    One of our favorite times of the year is when the local Boulder Farmers' Market is open. With the increasing draw and demand for farm-to-table restaurants and locally grown food we wanted to spread the love and feature the Boulder Farmers' Market.

    Local farmers teamed with four university students in 1986 in the collaboration, research, and start up for locations, staffing, permits, etc. The non-profit market now makes enough money to maintain the market while the excess is donated to local non-profit agricultural and community projects.

    Farm to Table (photo credit: Boulder County's Farmers' Market website)

    We have made it a welcomed routine to venture to the market after work, (since we are only a few blocks away and who doesn't want to walk around Boulder on a beautiful day) and peruse the delicious local produce and search for incredible treasures. One of my personal favorites is a local vendor that makes apple chutney. It is addictive so now I cook with it at least once a week. A well-known treat at the market is also the abundance of homemade salsa. Hard to resist. For updated news for the markets just check out their Facebook page.

    The farm-to-table philosophy is the keystone to the increasingly popular restaurant just off of Pearl Street, The Black Cat. Also a vendor at the Boulder Farmer's Market, The Black Cat farm and restaurant harvests all produce for flavor and not for transportation. On the 130-acre farm you will find free range chickens, turkeys, lambs, and pigs in addition to their produce. Due to the changing nature of farming the menu at The Black Cat also changes daily - offering an incredible array of flavors to satisfy your pallet. Make sure to like their Facebook page to keep updated on all of their delicious creations!

    (Photo Credit: The Black Cat website)

    The KK Team had the pleasure of dining at The Black Cat, and it exceeded all expectations - which were incredibly high to begin with. Our dinner included, Brussels sprouts, scallops, lamb, and salads.

    Farm-to-table goes beyond supporting local agriculture by also reinforcing a healthy lifestyle that endorses the importance of proper farming techniques that will not harm animals or use pesticides. As a fellow Boulder based company we encourage you to browse your local farmer's market to see what you find.