May 8, 2018 | | in #WCW, Behind the Scenes, Celebration, Lady Boss, Lifestyle, Live Boldly

One of the best holidays on the planet is Mother's Day...quickly followed by Father's Day of course!  (sorry Dad!)  Moms come in different sizes, colors, you might have two moms, and she may not even be exactly 'related' to you -- but no matter we celebrate them all, without them we wouldn't be here and life wouldn't be the same. The KK team wanted to share a little bit about

Traveling Light

April 3, 2018 | | in Behind the Scenes, Lifestyle, Live Boldly, Looks We Love

There is nothing better than a girls ski weekend, and lucky me I had a great one in Steamboat Springs, Colorado this past weekend.  Steamboat Springs is home to 89 Olympians and known for it's "Champagne Powder".  Colorado is so dry (meaning little to no humidity), most days our snow is dry and fluffy powder.  This time of year, however, the sun will melt the snow a bit and refreeze