Holiday Party Outfits

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KK has created a one stop shop for your must have holiday party outfits this season.


Blank Space Zip-Front Dress

This functional dress comes in charcoal and heather black. The unique part of this piece is that it looks best with a dark top underneath, our Skye Turtleneck looks darling with it. Plus, you can add a stylish pair of stockings to complete this winter ensemble. Both the charcoal and heather black dress look wonderful with black accompaniments but for a festive holiday look a jacket, hat, or scarf in red or green would be the perfect touch.


Kittredge Stretch Dress

This stunning, sophisticated form flattering dress is sure to be a hit this winter. It comes in taupe, black/ivory, charcoal, and black, giving you lots of options to choose from. This dress looks wonderful paired with the Icing Sheer Top; it gives the dress added coverage and takes it to whole other level. There is nothing else quite like that combination. Then add black stockings and boots and you are set for a great night.


Palisade Skirt

This gorgeous merino wool skirt is a festive piece to add to your holiday wardrobe this season. The delicate chevron design looks great in spruce, nutmeg, and charcoal. The variety of colors creates an option for any color palate preference and each shade forges a completely different look. It’s amazing how much depth this skirt has. We love to pair the Palisade with our Wild Heart V-Neck that also comes in a range of colors allowing for a classic pairing or for a pop of color. Another sweater that looks darling with this skirt is the Snow Globe Dolman top, the Bordeaux dolman looks perfect with our nutmeg Palisade.

Knotted Up Mohair Poncho

The perfect statement piece to add to your closet, it is delicate and dramatic at the same time. The cable knit detailing down the center mates wonderfully with the large ribbed cknotteduppowl neck. This must have tunic comes in almond, teal, citron, and charcoal. Select the almond or charcoal with black bottoms, boots, and large stud earrings for a classic holiday outfit. For those of you who are a bit more daring, try the teal or citron to bring a splash of color into your traditional ensemble. An added effect to this lovely poncho is layering the Icing Sheer Top underneath to really finish off the look.


Stacks Cashmere Turtleneck


This posh cashmere sweater displays a delicate color blocking that creates a slim silhouette. It is a beautiful, relaxed design with choices of charcoal, toast, or Bordeaux. All of the color options go fabulously with a dark bottom and boots. We like the idea of pairing dark denim and chic brown boots with the Bordeaux for a daytime gathering. The funnel neck is so precious that we wouldn’t want anything to take away from it so we suggest a nice long, simple necklace to complete this lovely outfit.


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